What is HVAC software?

HVAC software helps businesses manage all of their service operations; from capturing service request information to job schedule management, dispatching technicians, and more. Your HVAC business has a ton of moving parts -- HVAC service software brings all those pieces together to make sure your business runs smoothly, and customers get the best possible experience. 

Freshdesk’s field service management software is intuitive and provides HVAC dispatchers with the tools they need to improve technicians’ productivity and business efficiency. Eliminate mundane paperwork, missed appointments, and idle time with an intelligent platform. 

Job scheduling software

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Benefits of HVAC software

Eliminate paperwork

Using excel sheets or paper-based systems to manage your service agreements, schedules, and invoices is slow and can lead to errors. HVAC business software eliminates the need for paperwork and digitizes your workflow, and streamlines your entire HVAC maintenance process.

Save time

Scheduling technicians can be time-consuming when done manually. Dispatchers need to ensure that the right service tech is sent to the right location for the right job. With HVAC software, dispatchers can drag-and-drop appointments into an intuitive calendar format. Work orders and scheduled tasks automatically contain all the information that agents, technicians, and service reps need to do their job.

Improve technician productivity

To troubleshoot and diagnose problems, technicians need access to service records, customer history, and more. With software for HVAC, technicians have all the information they need at their fingertips, which reduces repeat calls and saves time.  Using a mobile HVAC software app means technicians can keep notes and schedules in their mobile device, rather than flipping through clipboards and binders of paper.

Reduce cost

Streamline your operations for better equipment management, reduced idle time, and improved efficiency. Technicians can capture images and take notes onsite about the parts that need replacing, making asset and inventory management more efficient, and reducing operational costs.

Deliver stellar service experiences

Customers want resolutions quickly, and they don’t want to repeat themselves. HVAC service software gets customers the speedy help they want, without the need for repeat calls. Technicians can review service history without asking customers questions that they’ve already answered, resulting in a best-in-business service experience.

Managing HVAC service with Freshdesk

HVAC scheduling and dispatch

Schedule all your HVAC service jobs using Freshdesk’s powerful scheduling dashboard. With simple drag-and-drop controls, assign the right service request to the right technician by placing the task on an available time slot on their calendar.

Within the mobile app, technicians can see details of the service request and customer history, as well as navigate directly to the job site.


HVAC customer management

Record and manage all aspects of your service request details and customer information in one place. Keep track of service agreements and past customer conversations in Freshdesk so that you can have contextual information for future visits - which leads to faster and more efficient service and higher first-time fix rates.

Task inbox

Manage tasks with the HVAC mobile app

Manage tasks with the HVAC mobile app

View daily tasks

Review schedules and get real-time updates on assignments so everyone is always up-to-date

Navigate to job sites

Use in-app map integrations to navigate directly to customer locations, and never get lost again.

Take photos and notes

Upload pictures and notes directly to the service request while at the job site, making collaboration a cinch.

Create timesheets

Track time spent on each task to create timesheets and improve scheduling.

Digital sign-offs

Customers can sign off immediately once tasks are completed, ensuring customer satisfaction.

HVAC invoicing with QuickBooks

With Freshdesk, service managers can create timesheets from the data collected by technicians on the job. With the QuickBooks or Xero integration, you can generate invoices based on the billable hours tracked by your HVAC field team. Improve cash flow by making it easy for customers to pay online.

HVAC reporting

Freshdesk’s powerful analytics allows you to track the performance of your service team, generate customized reports and dashboards, and find insights to improve your HVAC service operations. Understand exactly where your technician’s time is going, and where you can streamline your workflows to improve efficiency and the customer’s experience..

The Freshdesk advantage

Intuitive, but powerful, software

Technicians, dispatchers, agents, and managers will all love how easy it is to use Freshdesk’s HVAC software. From the mobile app to the scheduling dashboard, every feature is intuitive and requires minimal set-up. 

Intelligent automation

Leave the repetitive tasks to Freshdesk’s automation platform. Set up workflows for common tasks like scheduling follow-up visits, escalations, and assigning work-orders to save time.

Ease of collaboration

Work together to solve problems quickly. Bring help desk agents, dispatchers, and technicians on to the same page with Freshdesk’s contextual collaboration.  Every work order and service task is linked to customer communication and technician updates, so nothing gets missed. 

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