What is job management software?

Running a service business is not easy because you have to manage several tasks and employees simultaneously. Scheduling appointments, coordinating between service teams and field staff, and using paper-based systems or spreadsheets to track and monitor all your jobs can negatively impact your overall efficiency. 

The purpose of Job Management software is to simplify all these tasks and help organizations run their field operations smoothly and efficiently. Here are three ways a job management system drastically improves field service management:

Benefits of job management software

Improve productivity

Empower your field teams to reduce response times, optimize work schedules, and complete service tasks faster.

Reduce costs

Manage your resources better and avoid repeat visits with better planning and job expense tracking.

Streamline operations

Work more efficiently and  improve your processes and workflows to deliver stellar service experiences for customers.

How Freshdesk enables job management for businesses

View and organize tasks with ease

Taking down job details on paper or Excel for every request raised can be time-consuming. With Freshdesk, creating a job with all the relevant information becomes much easier. You can collect information about a customer complaint across many channels, including email, phone chat, and social, into one view. When you create the service task, details such as ‘Description’, ‘Status’, ‘Priority’, ‘Due date’, etc. are added automatically from the customer’s request.


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Simple job scheduling and assignment

Having to manually assign tasks while trying to balance workloads and finding a time slot that works for the customer can be frustrating. Using Freshdesk’s scheduling dashboard, you can view and assign jobs to technicians with just a few clicks. The dashboard gives you a single view of every service engineer’s calendar and their daily schedule. You can simply drag and drop any new job into an engineer’s available time slot.

Schedule jobs

Track and monitor progress in real-time

Freshdesk lets you track the live progress of all your jobs from the start until completion. This helps your service and field teams coordinate better and complete tasks quicker. The field technician can update the status of a task in real-time using the mobile app, and you can monitor these updates on Freshdesk to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Track real time updates

Calculate time spent on tasks with timesheets

It’s essential to understand how engineers distribute their time during fieldwork. With the Freshdesk app’s time-tracking capabilities, employees can log the number of hours they spend on their tasks in real-time. The field agent can start the time tracker on the app before beginning work and stop the timer once the job is done. You can use this data to generate online timesheets and calculate billable and non-billable hours for invoicing.

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Mobile application for technicians

Field workers are always on the move, so they must have instant access to all necessary information about their daily schedule, even without needing internet connectivity. With the job management app, technicians can get notified when a new task gets assigned to them, along with the essential details that they would need, such as problem description, date, time, and customer’s address and contact details.

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Generate insights using reports

With Freshdesk’s reporting capabilities, you can analyze all job and performance-related information, and build powerful dashboards for your team. You can generate actionable insights from customizable reports using the data collected. These insights will help your team track KPIs and identify areas of improvement.

More reasons to choose Freshdesk


Build workflows that automatically create and assign service tasks based on custom triggers that your service managers can create within Freshdesk. Automation eliminates repetition and helps improve your team’s response times.

Map view & Geotagging

Using the mobile field service app, technicians can view and plan the route to a customer location with the Google Maps integration.  They can also save addresses for future visits when maps aren’t accurate in finding certain locations.

Digital customer sign-offs

To ensure customers are satisfied with the work done and acknowledge its completion, technicians can capture their digital signature on the mobile app to verify the customer has signed off on the service request.

Images and notes

Field engineers can also capture data from the on-site location by taking photos of the equipment or asset and uploading it into Freshdesk. They can also take response notes describing the repairs performed.


Dispatch teams can generate invoices based on the recorded billable and non-billable hours on the digital timesheet, through integrations with popular billing software such as Quickbooks, Xero, and many others.

Offline availability

Field workers can access tasks, details about jobs, and appointments even without network connectivity on the job management app. With offline availability, technicians maintain context in remote locations where internet access is limited.

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