What is job scheduling software? 

Job scheduling software helps your service team manage service requests, create job schedules and dispatch field technicians with great efficiency.

With job scheduler software, service businesses can greatly reduce the manual effort that goes into capturing information about service tasks, handling field tech assignments and tracking progress of all current jobs. Freshdesk makes scheduling and assigning jobs simple and organized with  easy-to-use controls and an intuitive user interface.

Job scheduling software Job scheduling software

The benefits of job scheduling software

All information in one place

Access all the information about your jobs, technician availability, and customer data at a glance, to increase efficiency and streamline business processes. Since all of the information is synced in one place, your dispatch agents and technicians can get live updates and don’t need to worry about having to work with outdated information. Your job scheduling software becomes the reference point for everyone, no matter who’s on-call or who’s working that day – the information is always ready, available, and updated. Dispatchers can easily view techs who are working on jobs and those who  are available without having to go through agent task sheets or contact them individually to create the schedule calendar. 

Complete jobs faster

With information about jobs and technician schedules always instantly available,, dispatchers can easily find and assign the nearest available technician to get to the job. This also leads to better coordination between field agents and service managers, and consequently, a faster resolution time. Without an efficient way to schedule your field service jobs, you risk slow response times and slower task completion. Job scheduling software gives you and your team the data you need about who is meant to be working on what and for how long.

Lower costs

Better job management through dedicated software can also mean a reduction in unnecessary site visits, improved logistics, and as a consequence, lower costs. Additionally, the reporting and analytics capabilities of a job scheduling software can be leveraged to identify patterns in customer behavior and team performance, in order to  optimize your resources and ensure you don’t overshoot cost estimates and overheads.

Freshdesk for dispatchers and service managers

Schedule jobs with just a few clicks

Organize and manage all your service jobs with Freshdesk’s scheduling dashboard. Create a task, choose a customer and job site, and assign it to your team in seconds. Forget about whiteboards, diaries, and constantly out-of-date calendars. With its simple drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly move jobs to the available on the technician’s calendar to assign tasks. They’ll be instantly notified of their updated schedule, so they don’t ever miss a job. 

Scheduling Scheduling

Easy dispatch management 

Simplify the entire process of managing dispatch calendars across all jobs and field technicians. Dispatchers can track the status of all jobs in the service task inbox, view availability, and manage workloads. They can quickly identify a task’s priority as well as the type of problem to assign the right technician for the job.

Task inbox Task inbox

Prioritize jobs in real-time

Monitor all active jobs in a map view, and super-charge your team’s efficiency by quickly identifying hot spots or areas with a higher number of field service requests so you can separate isolated incidents from an area-wide issue. Both dispatchers and managers can use the chart to view problem areas on a map and quickly assign technicians to that area. The broader map view also offers insights that can help you manage your resources better.

Map view Map view

Timesheets and invoicing

Service managers can track time spent by technicians on each job, create digital timesheets, and generate invoices through integrations with popular billing software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and many others. Gain control of your profits by getting detailed reporting and avoid cost overruns by comparing how much time a task is actually taking compared to the estimated time.

4 quickbooks integration 4 quickbooks integration

Job scheduling app for technicians

Job notifications Job notifications
Real-time updates Real-time updates
Digital signoff Digital signoff
offline availability offline availability
take notes take notes

Job scheduling app for technicians

Job Notifications

The Freshdesk mobile app notifies technicians instantly every time they are assigned to a new job

Job notifications Job notifications
Real-time updates

Whenever there’s an update, technicians can inform dispatchers of the progress of any job in real-time through the app.

Real-time updates Real-time updates
Digital sign-offs

Agents in the field can receive digital signatures from their customers on completion of the job.

Digital signoff Digital signoff
Offline availability

No network connectivity? No problem – The mobile app lets technicians access task information, even without an internet connection.

offline availability offline availability
Take photos and notes

Capture information on the field through photos and notes using the mobile app, ensuring everyone is on the same page for easier collaboration on service tasks

take notes take notes

Simplify your service operations with Freshdesk

  • Save time and effort for service managers and dispatchers with Freshdesk automation
  • Convert repetitive tasks into automated workflows that intelligently execute precisely when needed.
  • Assign new jobs to the right service groups and update task status when a field technician has completed the job.
  • Enable easier coordination between service teams, field teams, and other departments with powerful collaboration
  • Always have context about every service task when communicating or coordinating with other teams or field technicians.
  • Dispatchers can instantly share details of any job and make collaboration quick and efficient.
  • Optimize your service operations and achieve higher performance with Freshdesk’s analytics:
  • Analyze field operations and technician performance to create custom dashboards and gain insights.
  • Improve first-time fix rates, beige operational gaps and achieve faster resolution times.

The Freshdesk advantage

Simple and intuitive UI

Freshdesk combines powerful features with intuitive and user-friendly design, so you and your team can start executing jobs right away with minimal training.

Access your account anywhere

Your information is always handy, whether you’re out on the field or at the office. Freshdesk lets you access equipment-related details wherever you are. 

Service and field teams on one platform

Bring your service and field teams connected under one single platform for a complete overview of work orders and maximum efficiency.

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