What is plumbing software?

Plumbing software helps plumbing businesses manage their day-to-day service operations, including managing service requests, communicating with customers, scheduling technicians, invoicing, and collecting payments. Plumbing software enables dispatchers to work more effectively, technicians to prioritize jobs, and managers to run effective operations.

With easy-to-use plumbing business software, dispatchers can save time and provide consistently great customer service with more efficient scheduling. Plumbers can stay up to date on their next jobs, navigate to job sites, and provide progress updates. 

Become more effective and earn more revenue with plumbing management software by Freshdesk

Plumbing software

Why use plumbing software?

Replace spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and paper-based systems are slow, ineffective, and prone to errors. Eliminate the need for spreadsheets once and for all with software for plumbing that makes managing tasks and schedules as easy as dragging and dropping jobs into technician schedules.

Improve productivity

Plumbing software puts information directly in the hands of the help desk agents and plumbers that need it. With more context, dispatchers can make sure to send the right plumber for the job. That means reduced response times, optimized technician schedules, and jobs completed faster.

Monitor jobs in real-time

Keep everyone up-to-date with ongoing tasks. Plumbers can take photos, add notes, update checklists, and upload data while on the job with mobile plumbing service software. Back at the office, dispatchers can receive updates from technicians in real-time and provide them with necessary assistance.

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate repeat visits and reduce logistical and inventory costs by showing up prepared for each service call. With all customer communication and information stored within your plumbing management software, field engineers can improve their first-time fix rates, resulting in more profitable service calls.

Deliver great customer experience

Faster response times and quicker resolutions with less time spent repeating themselves? What more can your customers ask for? Implementing plumbing software leads to stellar experiences that customers will love.

Freshdesk features to help run your plumbing business

Plumbing scheduling & dispatch

To effectively schedule a team of plumbers, dispatchers need to consider many different pieces of information, such as each plumber’s updated schedule, workload levels, and the customer’s history.

Freshdesk’s Scheduling Dashboard provides a detailed overview of each tech’s workload so dispatchers can review pending tasks and assign jobs with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Dispatchers can even make changes to the schedule based on new information, and update plumbers in the field in real-time. This helps reduce idle time and make the process of creating the right schedules faster


Plumbing job tracking & management

With Freshdesk’s field service management software, plumbing businesses can track the status of all plumbing jobs in the task inbox, view tech availability, and manage workloads.

Using custom task properties, dispatchers can easily categorize requests to better allocate resources and schedule more effectively. Jobs that require more time can be scheduled accordingly, and tasks requiring specific skills can be assigned to more senior technicians.

Task inbox

Mobile app for Plumbers

Keep plumbers up to date and right on schedule with Freshdesk’s mobile app. They can access customer service history, navigate to the service location, and get scheduling updates on the go.

Plumbers can also add notes and photos to their tasks using the mobile app. Make administrative work a breeze by collecting customer signatures in the field, and by logging the time spent working on customer requests.

Need to travel a little further to the job site? Freshdesk’s mobile app works offline too.

Plumbing Mobile app

Timesheets and invoicing

Track the time spent by plumbers on service tasks to improve efficiency, charge customers based on an hourly rate, or pay service techs based on their active working time. The timesheet reporting gives a clear overview of how your field team's time has been spent, and where you can optimize further.

Need to bill customers using your time tracking data? You can invoice customers using the QuickBooks integration directly within Freshdesk’s mobile field service management app. Improve cash flow by billing and collecting payment instantly using plumbing invoice software

Reporting and analytics

With Freshdesk’s reporting features, you can better understand your team’s performance, analyze opportunities for improvement, and take steps to grow your business.
- Customized dashboards and in-depth reports offer insights at a glance, so you can dig deep into your volume trends to plan when you need to hire more help desk agents or service technicians.

- Analyze plumber performance based on jobs completed, missed appointments, and more. Learn where your team’s time is going, and streamline operations to reduce costs.

- Grow your business with analytics that help you understand exactly how your team is performing.

The Freshdesk advantage

Intuitive and simple software

Freshdesk’s plumbing management software is easy to use and simple to master so your team can start scheduling jobs right away with minimal training

Intelligent automation

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive tasks. Whether it’s a follow-up visit, an escalation, or billing reminders, make sure nothing falls through the cracks with smart routing.

Contextual collaboration

Bring help desk agents and service providers together. All actionable service tasks are linked to a ticket so helpdesk agents and plumbers both have the full context of the problem when responding to customers

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