What is repair management software?

Repair service businesses, such as auto repair shops, appliance service vendors, or handyman service companies, need to provide efficient and frictionless service experiences to ensure customer loyalty. They have to run day-to-day operations, coordinate and track service claims, and collaborate with technicians to complete repairs on time.

But repetitive tasks, administrative difficulties, and outdated processes can slow down operations. Repair Management software eliminates manual and unproductive tasks, streamlines workflows, and allows service teams and technicians to focus on completing repairs on the field and exceeding customer expectations.

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Benefits of a repair management software

A repair management system solves many issues that service and after-sales teams face when managing their maintenance and repair requests. Here are the key benefits that a repair management software delivers for repair teams and technicians:

Organize all your repair and task information

Problem: Using systems that require repetitive manual effort can lead to unorganized and inefficient ways of creating and managing your repair tasks and customer information.

Solution: A service and repair software simplifies the process of collecting every service request, recording information about the job, and enabling easy access to both dispatch teams and technicians.

Task Management

Track progress and updates in real-time

Problem: It’s difficult for service managers and field technicians to check the status and updates of a task in real-time.

Solution: A repair management solution helps both parties collaborate easily and provide updates on-the-go. Repair teams can instantly notify field technicians of updates on a job and track the progress of tasks in real-time.

Track real time updates

Improve resolution and response times

Problem: Using paper-based systems and spreadsheets to assign tasks and manage resources leads to errors and delays repairs.

Solution: By using a powerful repair management solution to schedule repair jobs, assign the right technicians and improve communication between dispatch teams and on-field personnel, technicians can reach customer locations faster, prioritize assignments, and solve issues quicker. Service teams can also set up automated workflows for repetitive tasks to help improve productivity.

Track real time updates

Optimize inventory management and reduce costs

Problem: There’s no effective way for technicians to tell service teams when they need to source parts for repair jobs, resulting in multiple site visits and unnecessary transport costs.

Solution: Repair management software can help you collect information about the equipment to be assessed beforehand to help manage asset inventory so technicians can be suitably prepared. Technicians can use the mobile app to capture images and take notes onsite about the parts that need replacement. A purchase order can be preplanned, making parts management more efficient, and reducing logistical and inventory costs

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Why choose Freshdesk's repair management software?

Repair ticket management

With Freshdesk, you can create a service task for every repair request with all the required fields such as description, location, status, priority, etc. This way, service managers and technicians get complete context of all their service tasks in one place. Freshdesk also supports omnichannel ticketing, allowing you to convert customer requests from multiple channels such as Email, Phone, Chat, or Social Media into requests within the helpdesk

Add field technicians and create service groups

Single calendar view to schedule repairs

The scheduling dashboard is a powerful feature that helps dispatchers assign repair tasks to technicians, manage workloads, and prioritize jobs with ease. Service Managers get an integrated view of every field worker’s job schedule and any task can be assigned to a technician by simply dragging and dropping it into an available time-slot on their calendar.

Scheduling dashboard

Field service management app for technicians

The Freshdesk mobile field service app enables field teams to manage their daily tasks on the go. The app gives repair engineers access to all the essential information they need, including customer address, date & time of the job, contact details, etc. The app can also open up directions to the customer's location in any map application to help technicians navigate better.

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Accurate time tracking for repairs

Using the time tracking feature on the mobile app, technicians can calculate the number of hours spent in the field. This includes both travel time and time spent working on the task. Service managers can generate timesheet reports based on these time logs and use the data collected to analyze technician workloads, understand travel routes, and estimate the complexity of repairs.

Time tracking and billable hours

Generate invoicing and reports

Service managers can categorize timesheet entries into billable and non-billable hours within Freshdesk. We support integrations with popular billing applications such as Quickbooks and Xero to generate invoice reports. Freshdesk also lets you create customized reports and dashboards based on various repair metrics to help teams identify KPIs and bottlenecks.

Reporting dashboards