What is service scheduling?

Service scheduling, or job scheduling, is the process of finding the optimal way to assign services and resources.

In field service management, service scheduling refers to the process of assigning field technicians to work orders efficiently. Service scheduling software, also known as service tech scheduling software or work scheduling software, is the technology that helps service teams track and stay connected with field technicians.

Why do you need service scheduling software?

Without an efficient system in place to schedule service requests in advance, field technicians are often overloaded with last-minute requests. When service tasks are allotted without proper notice, field agents might not be prepared, or might not reach the destination on time. This leads to back and forth conversations between technicians, agents, and customers, causing delayed and unsatisfactory customer resolutions. Not only does this affect your team’s productivity, but the lack of a streamlined process can also take a toll on the customer experience you deliver. 

A service scheduling software helps automate key processes of field service management such as scheduling, managing work orders, dispatching, payments, and other field service processes. With a service schedule software, dispatch managers have the advantage of scheduling requests according to the convenience of customers as well as the availability of field technicians. This leaves little or no room for last-minute requests, optimizes your team’s schedule, gives your field technicians clarity and helps ensure they deliver consistent customer experiences.

Advantages of service scheduling software for dispatch managers

Monitor appointments across service groups

Freshdesk’s scheduling dashboard gives you a unified view of the tasks assigned to different field technicians or service groups at any given time. Dispatch managers can identify the right person for the job in terms of proximity and skillset within a single view. It also highlights tasks that are pending, not been assigned yet or simply reopened and lets you prioritize accordingly.

service scheduling software - schedling dashboard

Route requests automatically

Cut down on repetitive tasks by automatically routing requests to the right technician based on your team’s availability across shifts, location, existing schedules and more. Using Freshdesk, you can cut down on repetitive tasks, and focus on more complex issues that require your complete attention. This also helps ensure that customers get timely resolutions. 

service scheduling software - automations

Track and measure performance

Freshdesk gives you an in-depth analysis of your service teams’ performance on a team and individual level, and helps you monitor your customers’ satisfaction. Using Freshdesk’s reports, you can keep track of important aspects of your field teams such as their punctuality, workload, and more. Additionally, you can also measure the time taken to resolve each request, the CSAT ratings received, etc. to gauge how happy your customers are with your service.

service scheduling software - reporting and analytics

Advantages of scheduling software for service technicians

Advantages of scheduling software for service technicians

View all appointments on the go

Freshdesk offers a mobile field service app built exclusively for field technicians. Using the app, field technicians can view their service tasks for the day and plan their schedule accordingly.

service scheduling software - appointments
Reach destinations quickly

Freshdesk provides access to all customer information including location and historical context to help agents get to their service task in no time.

service scheduling software - reach destinations
Stay updated at all times

Using Freshdesk, field technicians can receive updates about scheduling changes. The app also allows schedulers to communicate automatically with technicians.

service scheduling software - mobile updates

Service scheduling software by Freshdesk

Unify solutions

Freshdesk seamlessly integrates solutions for service scheduling and customer service to ensure that field and customer service teams can work in unison. 

Scale support

Manage multiple field teams, segment customers by geographies or plans using Freshdesk, and deliver personalized experiences at scale effortlessly. 

Increase capabilities

Build robust workflows by integrating the apps that you use from the Freshdesk marketplace which hosts over 500 apps such as Sugar CRM, Slack, and more.