What is work order software?

Work order software is a robust system that helps field organizations provide consistent and delightful service experiences. Work order management software helps your service team create and organize maintenance requests and manage equipment and customer information.  Using work order software your service team can:

  • Schedule new jobs and assign them to the right field technicians
  • Monitor and track the progress of all work orders
  • Collaborate and share information instantly
  • Update the status and priority of important requests

All of this can be done from a single system with intuitive controls and functionality.

Work order software also provides a single record of information about each customer, their interactions, and previous issues. Notes from technicians can be logged to provide a complete customer profile with historical context so that both dispatch managers and field technicians can easily provide effective and contextual service.

work order software

Benefits of using cloud-based work order software

When it comes to field service, the focus should be on solving the customer’s problem. But common inefficiencies and redundancies exist in current systems, such as:

- Having to manually identify and assign the right technicians to jobs 
- Too much paperwork when recording information, and inability to see complete customer history
- Poor coordination between dispatch and field teams

Work order management software can help solve a lot of these issues. Here are the reasons why using  work order software can help your teams perform much better:

All information in one place

Everything important piece of information related to your work order, customer, and equipment can be viewed in one system. You can also create access controls based on the designation and responsibilities of team members. Work order software eliminates manual systems and unnecessary paperwork increasing your team’s productivity.

Reduce equipment downtime

With work order software your service team and field technicians will be able to co-ordinate the execution of work orders with high efficiency. Technicians will have all the work order & equipment information they’ll need beforehand, making it easier to assess and complete the maintenance work much faster. This helps organizations drastically reduce equipment downtime.

Track asset maintenance in real-time

Technicians and dispatchers can also collaborate and share information seamlessly and provide updates in real-time. Work order software, gives dispatchers the ability to oversee progress of tasks in real-time, and helps service managers carry out effective maintenance management processes. Technicians can also provide valuable information about work progress so dispatchers can take necessary action.

Bring down service costs

Work order software helps organizations streamline their support processes and workflows, improve mobility and logistics and reduce repeat site visit through higher first time fix rates. By getting rid of repetitive tasks and minimizing errors, service companies can reduce their overhead and scale revenue and operations efficiently.

Simplify work order management with Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s Field Service Management software facilitates efficient work order management with the functionalities of scheduling software, seamless integration with the  helpdesk, and a mobile app for technicians. Here are some of the features that make Freshdesk great for work order management.

Service task management

In Freshdesk, managers can create service groups and add technicians - both internal agents and independent contractors  - based on the skill set or the function they specialize in. You can set specific business hours for each group based on your requirements, create a service task for each work order or maintenance request that you receive, and add information such as problem information, the deadline for completion, priority, type of issue, etc.

service scheduling software - schedling dashboard

Schedule work orders with ease 

The scheduling dashboard provides service managers a singular view of all service tasks, their current status, and the technician assigned to it. It’s an integrated calendar that helps teams view, analyze, and manage the workload of all field technicians and prioritize the tasks that require the most attention. Freshdesk helps you assign tasks to agents on the dashboard with simple drag and drop controls. The scheduling dashboard gives you a better understanding of all your pending tasks as well as the availability of your technicians helping you create the most efficient schedule for all jobs. 

Scheduling dashboard

Customized dashboards with reporting

Service managers and CXOs can gain insights into the overall performance of their field operations with Freshdesk’s powerful analytics and reporting functionality.  Understand field service metrics such as first-time fix rates & work order volumes, track missed appointments, and monitor the status of your high priority maintenance requests. Build custom dashboards that help you understand the gaps in service experience as well as areas of strength.


Mobilize your workforce with the work order app

Mobilize your workforce with the work order app

Navigate to the location

Field techs can use the freshdesk work order app to check customer addresses and navigate to their location by opening any map application.

Notifications for new work orders

Every field technician gets immediately notified of any new work order assigned to them with all the necessary information they need to execute the task

Work order notifications
Offline availability

Even without network availability or access to the internet, technicians will be able to view all their information or access important maintenance details on the Freshdesk app

offline work order
Digital sign-offs

Freshdesk’s mobile app allows for field workers to get a customer or stakeholder internal signature upon completion of a work order.

work order sign-offs
Take photos and notes

Field engineers can capture important maintenance data in the form of photos of the equipment as well take important notes on tasks that were performed or action that needs to be taken

The Freshdesk advantage

Simple and Intuitive

Freshdesk combines powerful features with intuitive and user-friendly design, so you and your team can master the tool in no time.

Cloud-based flexibility

Freshdesk being a cloud-based solution allows your team members to access their accounts from anywhere, whether that's in the office, on the field, or in a remote location.

Workflow Automation

Now managers and dispatchers can focus on the service experience and use Freshdesk automation to create workflows for task assignments, status changes, and other repetitive tasks.