What is work order management?

Any task performed by an agent either for routine maintenance or to solve a customer problem is called a work order. With customer experience becoming one of the most important differentiators to establish brand loyalty, it is now critical to have a system in place to make sure you're providing consistent and delightful experiences to each customer. Proper work order management allows your team to manage all your work requests, identify the right field technician to assign it to, schedule a date and time, and track the progress of the service task until completion.

As your business grows, monitoring and tracking every single work order will become a challenge when you’re faced with multiple requests, and there is no easy way of communicating customer issues between your dispatchers and field agents. Here’s where work order management software becomes essential to effective communication, reducing manual effort and improving productivity. 

What is work order management software?

Work order management software helps your service team organize all your maintenance requests and action items. It makes it easier for dispatch managers to view all maintenance requests, assign tasks to relevant field technicians efficiently, and constantly monitor and track the progress of all work orders in one place. 

Work order software also provides a single record where information about each customer, their interactions and previous issues, and notes from technicians can be logged to provide a complete customer profile with historical context so that both dispatch managers and field technicians can provide effective service.

Benefits of using a web-based work order software

When it comes to field service, the focus should be on solving the customer’s problem in the fastest way possible. Work order software can help automate and optimize tasks such as identifying the right technician for each job, collecting and organizing information about the customer problem, and improve communication between dispatch agents, field technicians, and customers. Here are the reasons why using  work order software can help your teams perform better:

#1 Brings both field and service teams onto the same platform

One of the most common problems service providers face when trying to provide great field service is seamless coordination and communication between all teams involved. Using work order management software as the common platform for service managers and field agents reduces unnecessary back and forth between field agents and service managers. This way there are fewer delays in delivering updates on the progress of tasks, and shorter wait times.

#2 Simpler work order scheduling and dispatch

When flooded with maintenance requests, it becomes difficult to keep a record of each task and then manually assign them to technicians. With a work order management system, the task of scheduling and dispatching field agents is reduced to a sequence of simple mouse clicks. You’ll have access to a single, integrated view that combines the schedule of all your agents and every maintenance request, making it easier to prioritize and assign each task to the right technician.

#3 Access to Complete customer context

Every person working to solve an issue needs to have access to the most updated version of information related to the work order. Using email or excel sheets can be slow and can lead to errors when trying to update the status of a work order or sharing information between teams. Work order software helps you maintain a single record of all the information related to your service task that can be shared across all teams involved. This way, every stakeholder can instantly access up-to-date details such as customer history, current status, priority, type of issue, etc.

Freshdesk for Work Order Management

Freshdesk’s Field Service Management software facilitates efficient work order management with the functionalities of a scheduling software, a seamless integration with the Freshdesk helpdesk, and a mobile app for technicians. Here are some of the features that make Freshdesk great for work order management.

Service Task Management

In Freshdesk, managers can create service groups and add technicians - both internal agents and independent contractors  - based on the skill set or the function they specialize in. You can set specific business hours for each group based on your requirements, create a service task for each work order or maintenance request that you receive, and add information such as problem information, the deadline for completion, priority, type of issue, etc.

service scheduling software - schedling dashboard

Omnichannel Ticketing

Freshdesk’s omnichannel feature brings together work order requests from across channels including Email, Phone, Social Media and Chat and converts each of them into service tasks. It helps prevent your team from wasting time trying to identify and gather information from all these channels and brings uniformity to your support.

Omnichannel Helpdesk-All tickets

Seamless and Contextual Collaboration

Freshdesk not only provides a singular platform for both your service managers and field technicians to use but makes collaboration between your teams uncomplicated. With FSM you can seamlessly connect both your field teams and dispatch teams through a single channel of communication. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows both teams to access and add the necessary details of the maintenance task progress in real-time. Any information that needs to be conveyed from either end can be done instantly.


Scheduling Dashboard for Dispatch

The scheduling dashboard provides service managers a singular view of all service tasks, their current status and the technician assigned to it. It’s an integrated calendar that helps teams view, analyze and manage the workload of all field technicians and prioritize the tasks that require the most attention. Freshdesk helps you assign tasks to agents on the dashboard with simple drag and drop controls. The scheduling dashboard gives you a better understanding of all your pending tasks as well as the availability of your technicians, helping you create the most efficient schedule for all jobs. 

Scheduling dashboard

Real-time Updates with the Field Service Mobile App

Technicians can use the Freshdesk field service mobile app to manage all their activities on the go. Using the app they can view all the information related to their service requests right down to the last detail. They can contact the customer directly from the app and also understand the route to their location. Agents will also be able to update the progress of the work order on the app in real-time and provide additional details if necessary. The app helps technicians plan their daily tasks and also track the amount of time spent in servicing each request.

Mobile Service App