What is workforce management software?

Workforce Management software helps organizations improve productivity & operational efficiency by simplifying key processes, such as shift and schedule management, planning and forecasting, cross-team collaboration, etc.

WFM software can be used across industries and domains and helps align managers and employees on project assignments, timelines, and deliverables. WFM software simplifies several key processes that organizations have in place while optimizing workflows to help employees get work done faster.

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Benefits of using workforce management software

Eliminate paperwork

With WFM software, employees no longer need to spend long hours filling in task info or scheduling entries into spreadsheets, and managers can avoid the paperwork that comes with documentation, leave management, and other day-to-day operational tasks.

Lower operational costs

WFM software increases the efficiency of your workflows and speeds up task management, schedule management, and labor management which greatly reduces unnecessary overhead costs due to older and slower systems.

Higher employee productivity

With Freshdesk’s WFM software teams can stop worrying about being slowed down by processes and repetitive tasks and can be more productive in the work they actually need to focus on.

Simplify workforce management with Freshdesk

Schedule management 

Create shift schedules instantly for your team with Freshdesk’s powerful scheduling dashboard. The scheduling dashboard gives managers an integrated view of all employee calendars and assignments. You can assign a new task to an employee with a simple drag and drop of any task onto the open slot of his or her schedule on the dashboard.


scheduling dashboard feature page scheduling dashboard feature page

Skill-based groups and routing

Within Freshdesk, managers can create teams or groups based on domain, skill sets, and other criteria to make it easier to assign and categorize tasks. You can set up workflows that route the right task to the right skill-group or employee automatically, drastically reducing the manual effort that goes into managing projects and assignments. 

Skill based routing Skill based routing

Analytics and reporting

Performance management is a necessity for continuous improvement and a key principle of workforce management. With Freshdesk’s inbuilt analytics, managers can view and analyze various WFM metrics and use that information to generate reports and dashboards that provide insights into productivity, effectiveness ratio, cost, and revenue.

Improve efficiency with Freshdesk Improve efficiency with Freshdesk

Powerful collaboration

Different teams within an organization can complete joint-tasks and communicate effectively with Freshdesk’s powerful collaboration capabilities. When creating any task in Freshdesk, employees and managers can share instant access to the task with other team members or different departments. This becomes very useful when complete context is cross-team collaboration is required. Employees can also chat within a created task to discuss requirements or updates.

fd collaboration page team huddle feature panel fd collaboration page team huddle feature panel

Timesheets and attendance management

Managers can generate timesheet reports using the data collected from time logs for tasks completed by employees. These time logs can be helpful in determining billable hours, recording time-offs, and tracking shift changes. They can also help understand the efficiency of work completion and identify areas for improvement.

timesheets timesheets

Workforce mobility with the Freshdesk workforce app

3a mobile app for web 3a mobile app for web
notifications notifications
time tracking time tracking

Workforce mobility with the Freshdesk workforce app

Schedule updates on the go

Managers can send updates on new tasks & shift schedules via the mobile app and employees are notified instantly on receiving the changes

3a mobile app for web 3a mobile app for web
Real-time communication

Managers can also communicate with employees and gather feedback or notes on tasks in real-time via the Freshdesk workforce app

notifications notifications
Time-tracking for tasks

Employees can use the Freshdesk workforce app to track the amount of time they spend on each task and log the information for future use.

time tracking time tracking

Freshdesk works across industries


With Freshdesk, manage and schedule your medical staff with minimum effort to ensure round-the-clock care for your patients.

Engineering services

Run your field service operations all from one place with Freshdesk and deliver stellar service experiences

Information Technology

Handle all your IT employees and requests with Freshdesk for seamless & low-effort system implementation.


With Freshdesk, bring together your in-house engineers, agents, and field technicians on one platform.

City councils

Enable essential workers, government departments, and public sector service employees to work and collaborate with ease using Freshdesk.

The Freshdesk advantage

Low deployment time

Freshdesk’s WFM software can be deployed and integrated into your systems in almost no time and takes minimal training for your team to start using the software

Simple and Intuitive UI

Freshdesk’s interface is designed to be very user friendly. Employees will find after logging in that they can intuitively start using the product without having to read a manual or understand complex systems and functions.

Cloud-based access flexibility

Teams and organizations can access and manage their accounts on the web from anywhere in the world because our software is completely cloud-based. This enables workforce flexibility while also bringing down installation costs.

Multi-app integration

Choose from over 650+ integrations, application, and partner tools from our marketplace directory to serve a set of use cases for your specific industry or business.