Assist Bot

Create conversational flows with the no-code builder to set up a self-serve module for your agents. Map flows to relevant agent-groups for focused assistance.


Let your agents initiate required bot flows within Freshconnect to deliver consistent and instant responses, providing excellent end-user experiences.



Auto Triage

Freddy learns from your past tickets to automatically suggest ticket fields for new tickets.


Categorizing, prioritizing, and routing incoming tickets is no longer a tedious chore!


Extract signal from noise. Sit back, relax, resolve.

Agents are always under pressure to respond to customers faster. In most cases, they have to choose the tickets to work on or browse through the contents of the knowledge base or canned responses while responding to customers. It's essential to keep these time-consuming, sophisticated menial tasks away from the agents.

Article Suggester

Article Suggester recognizes a customer query and suggests the most fitting solution articles to your agents for faster resolution. 


Agents no longer have to search through a laundry list of solution articles in the knowledge base before replying to a customer.

Canned Response Suggester

Agents can now respond to tickets faster by using canned response suggestions made by Freddy.


They no longer need to compose long emails for each ticket or look through old conversations to find the best template to respond with.

Thank You Detector

Thank You Detector determines whether a customer response to a Closed or Resolved ticket is a genuine question or an expression of gratitude.


The days of a ticket reopening just because a customer thanked you are now long gone!

Social Signals

Social Signals scans each tweet mentioning you, identifies customers that need help, and alerts your agents in Freshdesk to respond immediately.


Customer tweets requesting urgent help will no longer get lost in a sea of your everyday mentions!


Why our customers love Freddy