AI-Powered Agent Assistance

Ensure consistent responses and faster ticket resolution. Save time for both your agents and customers with Freddy Assist Bot.

Empower your agents to work smarter and faster.

Make your agents’ lives easier by enabling them to provide quality and consistent support, faster. Faster resolutions improve customer satisfaction. 
Happy agents and happier customers. It’s a win-win situation.



Build flows

Create conversational flows with the no-code builder to set up self-serve modules for your agents.


Set up guides rich with next-best-actions and intelligent recommendations in every conversation to help solve complex customer issues faster.



Map them to groups

Map flows to relevant agent-groups for focused assistance.


Let the agents in the Billing group only see flows related to financing and payments.



Use it on Freshconnect

Let your agents initiate the bot flows within Freshconnect to deliver consistent and instant responses, providing excellent end-user experiences.

Freddy Assist Bot is Omnichannel




Freddy lets your agents choose to trigger the Assist Bot specific to the channel of support they’re handling.

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Scale with Freddy Assist Bot

Increased agent productivity

Equip your agents with the right information, at all times, to increase efficiency and productivity.

Consistent high-quality support

Suggest actions and provide the right information to drive first-call resolutions.

Faster employee onboarding

Bring new agents up to speed with less human effort and avoid the agony of training against deadlines.

Why our customers love us