What can Freddy Answers do for you?

Answers in a jiffy                                                                                                         

Freddy uses machine learning to understand the context of your customers’ questions. It then instantly responds with the appropriate answer from your knowledge base for instant resolution. All this - without even bringing a customer service representative into the picture

Continuously learns and adapts 


We know that Freddy can sometimes fail to resolve in the first interaction. That’s why it keeps learning from your customer interactions to ensure the best answers are provided the next time. It prompts you to write new answers, and improve existing answers to make it relevant to your customers.

Collaborates with humans 


Freddy understands that humans are better at handling frustrated customers, and knows where to draw the line. It intelligently hands off such conversations to a customer service representative with the right expertise to speed up resolution. 

Other cool things you can do with Freddy Answers

Small talk

Engage your customers by responding to small talk instead of scripted robotic answers.

Guided flows

Setup flows to guide your customers through a step by step troubleshooting process to fully resolve their concerns. 

Conversation insights

Automatically maps questions from customers with similar ones in your knowledge base, to deliver the right answer no matter how the customer asks it.