What makes our support bot solution unique?

Customers today prefer experiences that require little to no effort. In customer service, this translates to offering instant and satisfactory resolutions. With Freddy AI, you can leverage the no-code bot builder to effortlessly build your own support bots. Your support bots will be powered to provide fast and accurate solutions to customers, assist them with troubleshooting their issues, and much more, without requiring a customer service representative at all. 

Freddy AI offers more than any other support chatbot solution in the market and marks its difference in the following ways:

Omnichannel support bot

Freddy AI can be deployed on your website, mobile app, chat, and across popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Business Chat.

Seamless helpdesk integration

Your support bot powered by Freddy AI can be integrated with any customer support software to offer seamless customer service experiences.

Unmatched deploy time

Easily set up and deploy your support bot in no time using the no-code bot builder, without requiring technical assistance from data scientists, or admins.

How does Freshdesk's support bot help? 

Improve the self-service experience you deliver 

Offer 24/7 support with an intuitive support bot that learns from your existing knowledge base and FAQs to help customers find solutions.  

  •  Provides instant, to-the-point answers from your knowledge base
  •  Allows for a graceful hand-over to human agents
  • Learns, and adapts to feedback using ML (machine learning)
  • Improves self-support experience for customers 

Automate key resolutions and offer personalized assistance

Provide real-time resolutions for frequently reported issues by building automated workflows. This way,  your customers can get instant solutions no matter what time of the day, or night, it is. 

  •  Avoid query backlog and increase ticket deflection
  • Set up guided troubleshooting workflows for customers
  • Leverage the no code chatbot builder to build multiple decision trees 
support bot builder no code

Integrate with external applications to build dynamic workflows

Set up robust workflows by integrating with third-party apps, and using custom code to optimize your support bot's capabilities. 

  •  Follow the best conversation flow using data from external systems via APIs 
  • Execute custom Javascript code based on user inputs 
  • Automatically detect intent and trigger the most suitable branch of a workflow

Deliver a consistent experience across messaging channels

Build and deploy a single support bot solution across all customer messaging channels to provide a consistent and uniform customer experience.   

  • Deploy one support chatbot solution across all messaging channels 
  • Provide contextual support by bringing in relevant customer details 
  • Build workflows and offer assistance in 47 different languages
multichannel support bot

What is the ROI of our AI-powered support bot?

What else do you get with Freddy AI?

In-depth reports

Measure and optimize your support bot's performance to deliver better experiences, using in-depth analytics and reporting.

Complete customization

Customize the look and feel of your support bot, and retain your brand's identity across all touchpoints with your customers.

Optimized support

Scale your customer support without burning a hole in your wallet using Freddy, an efficient support bot solution. 

Higher agent productivity

Free up your agents' time by automating the resolution of repetitive questions, and enable them to take on more complex issues.

Improved customer engagement

Add a human touch to conversations and engage your customers by responding to small talk instead of scripted robotic answers.

Reduced handle times

With real-time zero contact resolution, and intelligent automation, your virtual assistants significantly reduce your handle time.