Free tools for your free ticketing system

What’s better than a free help desk? Free support tools to go with it!

Mailbox to helpdesk ticketing

Convert every email query into a ticket and make sure no customer query goes unanswered. Keep track of which conversations need inputs right away, which ones can wait, and which ones need to be reassigned.

A gallery of apps

Extend the functionality of your free ticketing system by installing apps like Google Analytics, Shopify etc. for your support workflow using your free access to the Freshdesk Marketplace.

Portal customization

After setting up Freshdesk’s free help desk software, you can customize your support portal to reflect your brand identity by choosing and applying a theme from our library of FreshThemes. You can design your support portal to your requirements you want with Liquid, Javascript and complete CSS customization. With this, you can give your customers a support experience that looks and feels like an extension of your website.

Work more efficiently

Suggest solutions automatically

Set up a knowledge base with FAQs, articles and community forums to help your customers find the information they need.

Always up to date

With Freshdesk, you no longer need to worry about installing patches and scheduling upgrades - we take care of all the maintenance and troubleshooting for you.

Support on the move

You don’t always need a computer to access your free helpdesk ticketing system. Use Freshdesk’s mobile apps for iOS and Android to access your helpdesk from anywhere.