Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a customer’s previous order information handy, right when you are working on a ticket? Or if you could pull in each customer’s loyalty points and history even as you are talking to them on a support call?

FreshPlugs let you bring real-time information from any third party service right into your tickets and contacts. You get to push out the data you want from Freshdesk, pull in the information you need from your CRM, legacy tools, project management software, and every other third party application, and even give it a pretty face with your own HTML and styles.

Here are some cool things you can do with FreshPlugs. Of course, the limit is just your imagination (and ability to push out the fields you need with just a couple of lines of code) 

Bring on the Maps

Need to know exactly "where" your customers are screaming for help from? A simple plug could let you visualize trouble areas on Google Maps right inside the ticket. Faster pizza delivery, better field support and just more overall awesomeness!

See Where the Package is

Most courier services offer a tracking widget where you can enter the shipping number of a package to see exactly which shelf of which airline it currently is in. If you brought that inside your helpdesk imagine how much faster you could get!

Say "Hi John!" Not "Who?"

You could even bring your softphone right into each ticket. That way, when a requestor calls in, you know who they are and can have their ticket open. Instead of going back-and-forth with emails, you can just hit a button and make that call.

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