Collaboration made easier

Collaboration made easier

Avoid repeating yourself

In-app chats are linked to the respective tickets so everyone is on the same page and you don’t have to copy-paste the details.

Avoid repeating yourself
Collaborate Seamlessly

Add people from other teams or organizations (including third-party partners) to the discussion at no extra cost.

Invite Anyone with a click
Be notified immediately

Stay up-to-date with live notifications to inform you of the most important updates to your tickets and conversations

Live Notifications

Collaborate without boundaries

Invite anyone

Invite third-party partners, or colleagues from other teams to collaborate and solve the customer’s problem faster without paying extra

Stop juggling apps

Stop switching between email, hangouts, and slack to get answers for the customer. Chat right next to the tickets and retain context.

Secure by design

People you invite can only see the ticket you’ve invited them to. They cannot access others parts of the helpdesk.