Get in front of customer problems right when they occur 

Go the extra mile with proactive support

Reduce resolution time

Avoid unnecessary back and forth by giving agents complete context about customer frustrations and issues

Protect brand reputation

Spot an increase in tickets for a specific issue so you can proactively help customers before they make their way to social media or review sites

Increase customer LTV

Retain more customers and increase upsell/cross-sell by leveraging leading indicators of product usage your customer data

Improved CSAT

Analyze behavior patterns of your customers, and proactively recommend personalized solutions to increase happy customers

Drive customer advocacy

Identify happy customers based on health scores, product usage, and more. Turn them into long-term advocates that are happy to serve as case studies or references for your business

Boost productivity

Reduce ticket volume and enable agents to offer timely help by providing automated assistance to customers before they even have a chance to report their issue