Don’t wait for your customers to explain.

Freshmarketer’s session replay records your customers’ activity on your support portal and website. When your customers face a problem there, your agents can see what they’re talking about and immediately offer help — without having to ask for screenshots, GIFs, or screen recordings.


When your customers reach out for help, your agents will know which browsers and operating systems your customers use. Your agents will know the exact chain of events, including where your customers faced the issue, which knowledge base articles they read, and what solutions they’ve tried out. Your agents can now support your customers with fewer questions, and faster, relevant answers.

Fewer questions, faster answers

Fewer questions, faster answers

Keep up with your customers

View all recent sessions related to the ticket.

Know where your customers are

Get customer details like which browsers they use and where they’re from.

Follow your customer's path

Review your customer activity on all the pages they visited.

Delight your customer by integrating Freshdesk with Freshmarketer

Never ask for screenshots or GIFs.

You don’t have to ask multiple questions to understand your customers. You’ll now know what problems they’re facing with session replay.

Respond faster to your customers

With relevant information about your customers, ask fewer questions and, instead, solve their problems faster.

Keep track of customer behavior

With Freshmarketer’s Dynamic Heatmaps, you can track your customers through every single click and know what they hit and what they missed.