Know your customers better

Freshmarketer records your customer’s activity on your support portal and website. By integrating with Freshdesk, your support agents will be able to see where your customers are facing problems on your website/support portal.


Get complete visibility into the exact chain of events that occur before a customer raises a ticket. See which knowledge base articles customers have read, and the solutions they’ve tried. Tailor responses depending on the browsers they use and the part of the world they are from.

Customer support made easier

Customer support made easier

Understand your customers better

View all the user sessions related to the ticket

Know where your customers are

Get customer details like which browser, and where your customers are from.

Understand your customer path

Check out the activity in the pages they’ve visited

Meet your customer’s expectations with Freshdesk + Freshmarketer integration

Never ask for screenshots or Gifs

You no longer have to ask a customer multiple questions to get to the bottom of the issue. You’ll now know where exactly the bottlenecks are.

Respond faster to your customers

Answer your customers' questions in the first interaction. Session replay reduces the number of interactions and helps you solve problems faster.

Get instant feedback

Freshmarketer’s Dynamic Heatmaps helps you track every click and scroll of your visitors to know what they hit and what they miss.