How does Freshdesk-Freshsuccess integration work?

Capture key account insights from Freshsuccess so that your team can get key customer context at a glance and personalize the support experience without leaving Freshdesk.

Steer ticket interactions based on 360-degree customer context

Bring customer health score, product usage, billing, and a host of other valuable data points into the ticket page, and personalize support to drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Drive collaboration between Support and Customer Success

Enrich your Freshdesk contact page with Freshsuccess customer data obtained from a wide variety of sources, and empower agents to pass along upsell/cross-sell conversations with the right stakeholders.

Tailor the context for your agents

Customize the data that can be viewed by your support team on the Freshdesk ticket and contact page. Give agents the right set of data points to provide the best experience for their customers.

Bridge the gap between support and success.
Increase retention, growth, and advocacy with Freshdesk + Freshsuccess.


Know when accounts are struggling with your product or service so you can prioritize their issues and improve your chances for renewal.


Track customer accounts that are getting the most out of your product and initiate upsell/cross-sell conversations from the Freshdesk ticket page.


Identify happy customers based on health scores, product usage and more. Turn them into long-term advocates that are happy to serve as case studies or references for your business.