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An agent’s role defines what an agent can do in Freshdesk. These roles are:

  • Account Administrator: This role provides complete control over everything in the Freshdesk account including access to account and billing information. Account administrators also receive invoices related to the account.
  • Administrator:  This role provides access to all features within Freshdesk and the ability to configure them. However, Administrators are restricted from accessing account and billing-related information.
  • Supervisor: Employees who are assigned the Supervisor role can perform all agent-related activities, access reports, and make sure that the team is working smoothly. However, they cannot access the Admin section of the helpdesk.
  • Agents:  Employees with the role of an Agent can log, view, reply, and resolve tickets as well as manage contacts.
  • Field Technicians: This role enables access only to service tasks and task-related information.

Apart from the default roles, Freshdesk also enables the creation of custom agent roles based on the hierarchies and work processes of the organization.