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In addition to helping you manage your field teams, deliver field service and build relationships with customers, field service solutions can maintain support processes automatically and prevent agent frustration by eliminating repetition. 

Freshdesk Automations require you to specify three things to be effective:

  • The Trigger - When should this automation work? For what event should your helpdesk or support solution execute an action? Example: A new service task is created.

  • The Condition - Under what conditions should the trigger occur? Maybe a specific problem is raised with the support team or a specific request has been unattended for more than 48 hours. Example: A new service task is created with the subject "Replace TV".

  • The Action - What action should the helpdesk execute? This can be automatically assigning tasks, modifying task properties, updating information in the helpdesk or notifying a helpdesk agent or supervisor. Example: A new service task is created with the subject "Replace TV". Automatically assign this task to the "TV Replacement" service group.  

By defining the trigger, setting the condition(s) and specifying the action(s), you can use Automations to reduce the workload of agents and field technicians. With the above example rule, service tasks with the subject "Replace TV" will be automatically assigned to a specific service group, allowing your helpdesk agents to focus on more important tasks.