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Also known as field representatives, field employees, field agents or field specialists.

Field technicians are professionals who provide on-site end-user support. They perform service tasks assigned to them by field service managers or dispatchers. 

Apart from support and maintenance, field technicians may also be required in case of setting up new installations or delivering a new product or service.  Due to the close proximity with the customer and face-to-face interactions, field technicians are often perceived by customers as the face of the company or brand. Therefore, their conduct, as well as the quality of service delivered, have a direct impact on the customer's perception of the brand or the organization that the field employee represents. 

Note: Depending on the vertical, the terminology to refer to field technicians can widely vary:

(a) IT and services industry: IT technician, support specialist or systems expert

(b) Telecom industry: network specialists or installation engineers 

(c) Real estate industry: asset manager, property manager or facilities manager

(d) Oil and energy industry: field engineers or incident response technicians

(e) Home and professional services industry: repair personnel or service personnel