A Closer Look at Freshsales- the sales CRM

You’re probably not happy with your CRM. We weren’t happy with ours, either. So, we went ahead and built the SaaS sales CRM our own team needed — Freshsales.

Freshsales came about as a result of our own frustration with the time and hundreds of thousands of dollars we had invested in trying to cobble together a usable CRM on top of the popular SaaS program we were using.  The resulting tool still wasn’t helping our sales team find and engage prospects or handle the activities of our high-velocity team. It was still just an expensive, manual dumping ground for data. Progress had been hijacked by complexity. Our reps needed to be able to prioritize their time, understand when to reach out to prospects, and move deals forward efficiently.

Our CEO, Girish Mathrubootham:

Freshsales: The Next Generation in Sales CRM

Freshsales is a powerful and easy to use visual CRM and selling system that fits right into the daily workflow of high-velocity sales teams. Salespeople will actually use it, because it makes them more effective and works in tandem with your company’s own selling process and pipeline.

With Freshsales, your team can gain insights from prospect behavioral signals on your website, view a graphical representation of your sales pipeline, prioritize your prospects, align with your sales process to guide next actions, and enable users to conduct sales activities directly from one central, cohesive place. (and, of course, Freshsales is fully integrated with Freshdesk.)


The Benefits to Management and Salespeople

Management and sale pros need different benefits from a CRM. The ideal sales-focused CRM needs to serve management by making it easy to identify the best leads, and serve these leads up (in full context) to salespeople for immediate and direct action supporting the sales process. A successful CRM also needs to relieve salespeople of the onus of manual data entry — the sales manager’s main headache is the role of “data entry police.” With these goals met, management lays the groundwork for enthusiastic adoption and ensures their sales team’s ability to close more deals, faster.

For salespeople, the goal is informed, fast-moving selling activity. Less interruption. Fewer clicks and scrolls. Phone numbers and email addresses at the ready — without sifting through a messy inbox. And, something we think is long overdue — the inclusion of behavioral analytics about how prospects become leads, what actions they are taking with the company, and all communications — up to date and in real time. Formerly only available in backend systems, Freshsales includes access to this data as part of the core product. Armed with solid intelligence, sales can work more quickly, take actions directly, see all the history and interactions of the prospect, and understand the next activity to move a sale along. A view of the entire landscape at once — the forest AND the trees — means fewer balls get dropped. This is a critical advantage when each team member might be working on a hundred deals at once.

Freshsales: The Features

With Freshsales, you get an all-in-one CRM, productivity tools, and sales features:

phone activity

Built In Phone and Email: A full suite of email productivity and tracking tools is part of the core product. With email and phone integrations in place, sales can take action immediately and directly from the contact record to nurture leads. All interactions are documented in the record. No more clicking and scrolling to find the disparate pieces of history that inform your actions.

User Behavior Tracking: Freshsales lets you see your prospects’ behavior front and center in every contact or account record. Knowing what your prospects are looking at and what actions they are taking provides crucial context that informs the way sales moves deals toward close.  Following initial IT setup, sales has access to intelligence that, until now, was available only in back-end analytics tools or marketing automation systems. Understand prospects immediately with visibility into actions they have taken (analytics like downloads, page visits, and all communications).


Lead Scoring: An initial setup defines the parameters for your Lead Scoring. With this feature in place, salespeople see a prioritized list of leads, ranked according to prospect behavior signals (e.g., how the prospect entered the pipeline) and interactions with your brand. Salespeople are always presented with a prioritized list of leads. No guesswork needed.


Comprehensive contact, lead, deal, and account management: Each record is populated with all the data sales needs to move toward close — and you can tie leads to accounts. No more hunting through inboxes and clunky CRMs. Each record shows all interactions, so sales can conduct a buyer-focused sales process.


Visual Sales Pipeline: The Deals Dashboard is a familiar graphical view that makes it easy for teams to take an instant read of the sales landscape — accurate and up to date. Familiar drag-and-drop navigation and at-a-glance capability

Manage activities at every sales stage — Freshsales plays to the strengths of salespeople, guiding your team to spend time wisely on the selling activities and tasks that bring in revenue, Customize and tailor the system to your culture and your sales stages. Focus your team on the most productive tasks at the right time.

Non-interruptive, frictionless implementation and training. It’s a matter of hours, not weeks, to get up and running. High rate of adoption. Salespeople. Will. Use. It.

Reporting: Use the library of default reports, or customize as required. Reports are presented in a pleasing graphical style

Automated data entry cuts down on repetitive tasks.

System customization: No costly coding required. Low IT overhead.

Read about many more features and benefits.

With Freshsales, you’ve got a sales system where deals get accelerated and nothing falls through the cracks! Freshsales drives revenue performance by creating a dynamic collaboration among salespeople, sales managers, and  your prospects.

People + Process = Profit

With Freshsales, we continue our ethos of excellent consumer experience, fast setup, and affordability as we move into the realm of sales. We’re excited to share the solution with our customers because it has worked so well for us internally. We think you will find value in Freshsales, and we look forward to your feedback as you explore the product

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