Announcing the Freshdesk public launch!

We are excited to announce the public and official launch of Freshdesk. We would like to thank all of our beta customers for their support and valuable feedback.

As a special thank-you offer we would like to offer all our existing beta customers – (those who signed up before 06/06/2011 midnight PST) the Premium plan($29 per agent per month) at a discounted price of $19 per agent per month. What’s more we will keep you on this plan for life and all additional agents that you purchase in future will be at the same reduced price of $19 per agent.

You don’t have to do anything else to get this discount. We will apply this discount to your existing Freshdesk accounts. When you are ready you can choose the Premium plan and we will charge you the reduced rate of $19 per agent.

What’s new in Freshdesk since the beta?

– Access restrictions for Customer Portal
– Remote Authentication and Single Sign On
– XML backup of your data
– Google Apps integration
– Support for Private forums
– API enhancements and much more…

The international language translations are being done now and we will release the international version soon.

Our doors are now open for business! Welcome to Freshdesk ! If you haven’t signed up for Freshdesk yet, you can sign up here –