Penalty of Bad Customer Experience [Infographic]

Businesses pay dearly when a customer leaves due to a bad experience. They pay an even bigger price when the customer decides to talk about the experience on various channels. The proliferation and increasing popularity of knowledge sharing sites and social media have irrevocable effects on the reputation of the business. Adopting a 360-degree view of the customer’s expectations will help businesses keep pace and possess an almost telepathic understanding of the customer!

We’ve put together an interesting infographic with learnings culled from our global survey covering 3000 customers. The infographic talks about the most common customer frustrations, the most valued aspects of the right customer experience and lots more. In addition to this, we’ve got a chat-show style webinar on June 19, featuring top industry experts who will discuss the survey in detail and also touch upon how businesses can build customers for life. Register here.

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