How to Maintain a Great Team Culture and Consistently Deliver Moments of WOW

As a growing customer service team, consistently delivering moments of WOW while maintaining a positive culture along the way is just one of the challenges you’re likely to face.  That’s alongside the growing pains of dealing with waves of new people joining the company, lots of change and unknowns, new processes and guidelines, dealing with legacy customers and agents who are used to a different style of support… the list goes on. 

In our experience, the three most common challenges of a growing customer service team are: 

  • Building your team to achieve the WOW moments at scale.
  • Ensuring your culture remains the same through growth.
  • Being held back by technology or going too far.

The founders at EvaluAgent together have over 60 years of experience working in, managing and developing successful customer service teams. One thing we all agree on is that successful contact centers usually share many of the same attributes: 

  • A happy team, positive culture, and a can-do attitude. 
  • A great customer service CRM 
  • A great team of managers who can see where support is needed and guide their team to success.

This article will share useful tips and advice on how to manage some of the challenges faced by a growing team, and how to maintain a positive culture within your team in an ever-changing customer service environment.

#1. Ensure a positive culture 

Delivering moments of WOW to your customers starts with your agents. Happiness is infectious and your customers can sense it. I’m sure you’ve heard the motto ‘Happy Staff = Happy Customers’. Even in the face of adversity, one of the most important things to maintain is a positive attitude. With a positive mindset, your team will be more prepared to tackle any obstacle with a more ‘can-do’ attitude. 

To help you get started,, we’ve pulled together our 5 ways to improve the happiness of your team. to help you get started.

5 ways to improve your team’s happiness

  1. Allow individuality
    • Most of us spend 5 out of 7 days in the same environment with the same team, so it pays for it to be an enjoyable one, where you can be yourself. 
  1. Praise hard work
    • Agents who receive regular recognition and praise are more likely to stay with the company and proactively deliver those WOW moments to customers.
  1. Set the standards
    • Help your agents to succeed – make sure they know what success looks like, and what steps are needed to achieve it. Quality Assurance is the key to delivering more WOW moments with customers. 
  1. Open up the conversation
    • Good communication is the foundation of a strong team and should be at the center of a positive culture. Create an environment where agents are empowered to share their own point of view.
  1. Invest in continuous growth and development
    • Appropriate training and resources will empower agents to grow and develop as contact center professionals, reduce the chance of attrition, and most importantly – build a solid foundation of future leaders within your company.

You can read more about these tips in EvaluAgent’s Managers’ Handbook to Agent Happiness. You should also make the most of the Freshdesk Marketplace for apps that can support the tips above. Using integrated apps can bring these tools to your fingertips and quickly become a part of your daily routine. 

#2. Embrace and use tech

AI and tech are definitely hot topics in customer service and quality assurance chats at the moment, but how can you make the most of these developments when you’re managing a team that’s already busy? Utilizing an integrated solution like Freshdesk and EvaluAgent can be a great way to help customer service teams that are scaling fast.

One thing we’ve found is when as a customer service team grows quickly, there’s a risk that conversation quality can slip and information silos start to form. These conversations could be with customers but also internally between managers and employees too.

Embracing technology or using an integrated solution takes the effort out of using different platforms for different uses and frees up your time to have better conversations with your team, meaning they then have better ones with their customers… it’s a no brainer!

3 golden rules for using tech to keep your teams engaged during growth and beyond:

1. Use software and AI to support better conversations 

Technology and AI can significantly reduce the volume of low-value, simple interactions, but don’t let them take over. For example, a great way to reduce the volume of tickets coming in to use something like Freddy; the Freshworks AI-powered chatbot pitches in when a customer needs to perform simple actions like buying concert tickets or changing their password. 

But be warned… It’s all too tempting to try and automate all your customer interactions. However, as great as Freddy is, for the queries that have the potential to make or break the customers’ experience and really deliver that WOW moment, technology will never be able to fully replace the value of human interaction.

2. Make quality assurance data your friend!

Use the data collected by tech to support training and development paths and focus on a few key areas – software often has a range of ways to show a visual progression, helping bring development to life. Use Quality Assurance data for good use as well as to correct errors. It’s as important to recognize good behaviors and encourage them, as it is to act on bad ones.

3. Find solutions and apps that can help your team become more efficient.

For example, the Freshworks + EvaluAgent integration helps saves Quality Teams and Team Leaders time by streamlining the QA process. Rather than use spreadsheets, EvaluAgent imports Freshdesk tickets in real-time and the easy-to-use platform cuts down the time it takes to evaluate your entire team by over 50%. In a busy team, that’s time you could be spending coaching and managing your agents.

EvaluAgent CEO, Jaime Scott says, “I’ve worked in numerous contact centers over the years and watched as they all tackled failures and embraced successes during periods of change and growth. The key thing I’d say for any team manager is to try embrace technology at a steady pace and use it to support those good conversations, as a tool to develop, support and strengthen your team.” 

Apps like EvaluAgent can save team managers time, speed up reporting and make managing the quality and development of your team so much easier. It might be more comfortable to keep with the processes you know, but systems have developed a long way since Excel and Powerpoint and there are so many features and benefits you could be missing out on. 

Check out the EvaluAgent app in the marketplace here. Maintaining quality is so important and can often be a big challenge to growing teams. Using a tool designed specifically for this purpose can release valuable time and energy for other topics. Who doesn’t want to make more time in their day for the fun stuff?

#3. Be positive to see positive

Finally, we know it’s challenging to maintain a positive culture as your team and business grow, but lead by example and embrace positivity yourself. Use the tools and marketplace apps available to you and infuse positivity to your team and see how that emotion is mirrored. Make it a consistent trend and something that is ingrained into the wider culture of the business. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!