The #1 Guide To Customer Experience Conferences in 2020

Industry events such as customer experience conferences are brilliant learning and networking opportunities for all CX professionals. These events bring together like-minded individuals who share their experiences and expertise, discuss trends and innovations, and of course – dive into changing customer behaviors and expectations. It’s a congregation of C-level executives, customer experience practitioners, customer service experts, support agents, and every other role that involves delivering moments of WOW to customers.

CX conferences shape the future of customer relationships through the launch of benchmark reports, sharing customer service tips, support best practices, and customer journey roadmap ideas. More than anything, these conferences act as a catalyst for expanding your network with customer experience professionals and learning from industry leaders across various industries.

To help you figure out which events to attend, we have curated a region-wise list of top customer experience conferences around the world. This exhaustive guide offers key details to plan your conference calendar, including event descriptions that help you choose which ones are most relevant to you.

Note: With the ongoing global crisis pushing some conferences to get postponed or temporarily suspended, we have also created a detailed listicle of must-attend CX virtual conferences in 2020 that you can attend from the safety of your home.

Regions Covered:


North America

#1 Refresh 20 – Virtual 27th-28th October 2020

Event agenda: Refresh is Freshworks’ global user conference which is built on the premise that experience matters now more than ever. Workshops and training sessions are spread across customer support, CX management, ITSM, and much more. Refresh 19’s outing in Las Vegas was the second of the year, after the acclaimed Refresh 19 – London. This two-day customer experience extravaganza is back this year virtually, and you can focus on how to keep delivering WOW moments to customers–from the comfort and safety of your home.

Who should attend: Sales & Marketing executives, Customer service managers, CX Heads, Support teams.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Shaquille O’Neal – Investor and Former NBA player, Mary Poppen – Chief Customer Officer at Glint

#2 X4 – Qualtrics Experience Management Summit – Salt Lake City, United States – 10th – 13th March 2020

Event agenda: The world’s top businesses and visionaries share insights into designing and delivering breakthrough customer, employee, product, and brand experiences in the Qualtrics Experience Management Summit. This event is flooded with aspiring entrepreneurs looking to learn from iconic leaders offering their guidance and perspective on customer success. 

Who should attend: CEOs, CXOs, CX Managers, Customer Research Experts.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Jen Morgan (SAP)

#3 North American Customer Centricity Awards – Virtual – 8th October

Event agenda: ARCET Global’s Customer Centricity Awards is one of the biggest customer experience conferences and awards events in Europe. As they extend to North America for the first time, customer experience enthusiasts from the region can now get a huge slice of the CX opportunities and learnings that this renowned CX event offers. It is slated to be filled with leadership sessions from some of the finest, real-world CX practitioners delivering exceptional experience to their customers. It is also a great place for up-and-coming CX professionals to get their due recognition for their customer-centric achievements with awards.

Who should attend: CXOs, CX practitioners, heads of customer experience, CX-driven organizations

Noted speakers: Chris Brown, CEO and Co-founder of Marketculture | Raj Sivasubramanian, Customer Experience Insights Manager at Airbnb

Noted panelists: Diane Magers, Founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts | Ian Golding, Customer Experience Specialist

#4 Customer Experience Strategies Summit (CXS) – Toronto, Canada – 21st – 22nd April 2020

Event agenda: CXS 19 was filled with impactful keynotes, case studies, and training panels that provided a whole new perspective to handling customers. The importance of game-changing methodologies for diligent delivery of customer experience was also discussed. Other themes included critical metrics for cost-cutting, the social media revolution, and VoE insights. 

Who should attend: Design VPs, all senior-level CX practitioners.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Sherif Mityas – Chief Experience Officer at TGI FRIDAYS, Mark Magnusson – Director of User Experience Design at Cineplex Entertainment

#5 The Future of Quality – Virtual 28th October 2020

Event agenda: In an age where CX teams are increasingly focused on productivity and efficiency metrics, the human aspect of the customer experience is all the more important. At this event, MaestroQA will reveal a brand new way of thinking about CX metrics, one that goes beyond traditional tip-of-the-iceberg metrics like productivity and CSAT, to allow CX leaders to dive deep and gain transformative CX insights.

Who should attend: C-suite, CX leaders, Heads of customer-facing teams, Solution engineers, QA and QC teams

Noted Speakers: Lauren Kwan – Quality and Content Specialist at Lyft, Vijay Atal – IT Director, Anna Dang – Quality

#6 The Art of Conversation – Brooklyn, New York – 5th May 2020

Event agenda: The Art of Conversation by MaestroQA is rightly dubbed an ‘attendee-inspired conference’ in customer experience and service. The event is particularly a huge value add to support agents as it focuses on building authentic, unique, and creative conversations with customers. Since it is peer-powered, all your questions and expert opinions can get their due limelight from the attendees and speakers. Go script-free with your customer support and learn how to make real-time, intuitive decisions on the fly.

Who should attend: Quality Assurance members of CX teams, Support agents, Customer service managers.

Noted Speakers: Katie Taylor – Senior QA Specialist at Zendesk, Donna Drehmann – Director of CX and Training at Postmates

#6 Modern Customer Experience (Modern CX) – Las Vegas, United States – 23rd – 26th March 2020

Event agenda: With Oracle’s Modern CX, you can ramp up your customer experience game with insights relevant to various job functions that address customer success. You can also gain a lot of actionable tips to maximize your customer support efforts–right from the first contact to final follow-up. The 2019 edition was a huge success among sales, service, marketing, and commerce practitioners.

Who should attend: Customer service managers/executives, CX Enablers, CMOs.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Francis Beiring – CX Practice Director at Schenck Process LLC, Dart Bebel –  Director of Demand Generation and Database Marketing at TurnKey Vacation Rentals

#7 Next Generation Customer Experience (NGCX) – Indian Wells, United States – 23rd – 25th March 2020

Event agenda: NGCX is all about implementing customer-centric decision making, and fostering customer loyalty and brand advocacy. The conference is a convention of customer experience innovators looking for ways to delight customers at every touchpoint. There’s also a fair share of UI/UX impact sessions that attendees can learn from.

Who should attend: Heads of CX, CX design experts, UX experts (all senior level).

Noted Speakers in 2019: Josephine Holmboe – Creative Director of User Experience Design at Fidelity Investments, Tracy Robertson – Global VP of Customer Experience at Kimberly-Clark

#8 Product Marketing Summit – New York, United States – 25th – 26th March 2020

Event agenda: Product Marketing Summit is a customer experience event that operates at the confluence of product, marketing, and sales. This is one CX conference that product marketers, SDRs, and pre-sales executives should really consider adding to their annual calendar. While customer success could be the biggest takeaway, you can find sense of belonging with the product marketing community for real-world exposure, meaningful connections, and potential mentors and new hires.

Who should attend: Product marketers, members from sales and marketing functions.

Noted Speakers: Jessica Angell – Director of Product Marketing at Wistia, Kristina Volovich – Product Marketing Manager (Audible for Business) at Amazon

#9 Adobe Summit (The Digital Experience Conference) – Las Vegas, United States – 29th March – 2nd April 2020

Event Agenda: The Adobe Summit focuses on innovative ways to carve out digital experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers. The takeaways you can potentially gain from this customer summit are design-led with focus on content & experience management, personalization, and branding strategies.

Who should attend: Frontline agents, CMOs, C-level executives, Brand strategists.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Satya Nadella – CEO at Microsoft, Jay Baer – Speaker at Convince & Convert

#10 Forrester CX NYC – New York City, United States – June 2020

Event agenda: CX NYC 2019 boasts of transformative sessions from Forrester analysts and industry experts. The conference will bring together over 1,000 global CX leaders and influencers under one roof. Innovations and strategies that are disruptive and give a facelift to your existing customer experience standards are discussed. Also, if you need a data-driven and analytical perspective of customers and their experience expectations, you should definitely add CX NYC 2020 to your calendar.

Who should attend: Customer data analysts, CX experts, C-level executives.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Maryssa Miller – Head of Digital And Customer Products at JetBlue, Ellen Needham – Director of Customer Insights & Innovation at Patagonia

#11 DX Summit – Chicago, United States – 12th – 14th October 2020

Event agenda: Workshops and sessions in the DX Summit are aimed at helping CX professionals tackle customer-focused challenges from multiple standpoints management, analytical and technological. Attending this could help you with bringing about a transformation in customer-driven designs, AI, digital operations, and more.

Who should attend: UI experts, Digital experience heads, CX practitioners.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Nick Allen – Global Director of Design & User Experience at GE Healthcare, Kerry Bodine – Customer Experience Coach at Bodine & Co.

#12 The Customer Service Summit – San Diego, United States – 8th – 9th June 2020

Event agenda: The Customer Service Summit is one of the few CX conferences that is tailored to the customer service sphere, with amazing customer service tips and support ideas. The touchpoints are given an omnichannel treatment, from contact centers and social media channels to self-service. The aim is to exceed customer expectations through swift delivery of customer service–including flawless predictive support. The details of the 2020 edition of this summit will be finalized soon.

Who should attend: Customer support, experience and contact center executives.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Mai Le – Director of Customer Obsession at Uber, Lance Gruner – EVP of Global Customer Care at Mastercard

#13 Support Driven Expo: Americas – Portland, United States – July 2020

Event agenda: Support Driven Expo is a CX conference dedicated to improving customer support by building a great team culture and nurturing best practices among your support teams. Through this customer service conference, you can get invaluable customer support insights from industry leaders who come up with real-world solutions to handling customers seamlessly.

Who should attend: Heads of customer care/customer support, customer service executives.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Craig Stoss – Director of R&D at Arctic Wolf Networks, Jez Louise – Head of Support at Job Adder

#14 Customer Contact Week – Las Vegas, United States – 22nd – 26th June 2020

Event agenda: Customer Contact Week is one of the biggest customer service conferences in the world, centered on customer satisfaction. CCW is also known to attract vendors in the SaaS industry to launch their products. Be sure to mark it in your calendar if you’re looking to heighten the KPIs reflected by your contact center or customer service teams.

Who should attend: Contact center executives, customer support agents, customer engagement experts.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Tony Hsieh – CEO at Zappos, Shep Hyken – Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations


#15 The Service Desk & IT Support Show – London, England – 13th – 14th May 2020

Event agenda: SITS is all about bridging and optimizing the interface between organizations and customers. This is a customer service conference dedicated to discussions about help desks and their functionalities. You will get a great opportunity for networking with top leaders and peers from the ITSM industry. SITS 2020 is not to be missed if you want to implement proven methodologies into your service desk and IT support.

Who should attend: All kinds of service desk professionals, support agents, contact center executives.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Sanjeev NC – Product Evangelist (Freshservice) at Freshworks, Noel Bruton – IT Support Consultant/Trainer at Bruton Consultancy 

#16 Customer Loyalty Conference – Stockholm, Sweden – September 2020

Event agenda: Customer Loyalty Conference is a great event for lessons, concrete tips and lots of inspiration from top experts to fine-tune your customer loyalty, CRM, and customer experience strategies. Secure your place to learn about customer-focused business strategies with customer loyalty at the forefront.

Who should attend: Customer operation roles, CX executives, analysts.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Don Peppers – Author, Speaker, and CX Expert, Cosima Churchill – CRM Manager at Care by Volvo

#17 European Customer Centricity Awards – Budapest, Hungary – 21st – 22nd September

Event agenda: European Customer Centricity Awards by ARCET Global is a celebration of customer experience with enlightening customer-first conferences, real-world case studies, best business practices, and networking opportunities. The endorsement of the prestigious Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) shows to prove the event’s relevance as an in-demand CX conference in Europe. Customer Centricity awards is an enormous platform for CX practitioners to share success stories, gain due recognition, and learn how to scale up their customer-centricity game.

Who should attend: CXOs, CX practitioners, heads of customer experience, CX-driven organizations

Noted speakers: Laura Tengerdi, Marketing Director at Budapest Bank | Marleen Wan Wijk, Managing Director at NeCXus

Noted judges: Graham Shapiro, CEO of GSD | Gokhan Kara, Customer Experience Manager at Energisa

#18 Customer Strategy & Planning – Newcastle, England – 27th – 28th April 2020

Event agenda: Attendees can look forward to first-hand training & leadership sessions from practitioners and business leaders who’ve been delivering successful CX transformation. Customer Strategy & Planning can give you new ideas and techniques that you can bring back to your organization. There’s no dearth of sessions to learn from, as the conference features an Innovation Awards show, colleague well-being session, digital transformation training, and discussions about customer-driven case studies.

Who should attend: Customer operation roles, CX executives, Customer analysts.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Stuart Dorman – Chief Innovation Officer at Sabio, David Edwards – Support Services Director at Capita

#19 CX Marketing Summit – London, England – 19th June 2020

Event agenda: The idea of this customer success summit is to drive CX excellence through every touchpoint by creating awareness, driving conversions, and keeping existing customers delighted about your customer support. Concurrently, the CX Marketing Summit aims to combine channels and create a personalized experience across teams and silos to deliver benchmark customer experience.

Who should attend: Product marketers, segment marketers, CX practitioners.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Colin Shaw – CX Thought Leader at Beyond Philosophy, Joe Rice – Head of Data & Enterprise Solutions at Twitter

#20 Customer Engagement Summit – London, England – 9th November 2020

Event agenda: Customer engagement and customer service are two tightly knit characteristics of a successful loyalty program. The Customer Engagement Summit addresses this connection by factoring a seamless customer service strategy to foster customer engagement across channels. Customer engagement can make or break a business relationship, so it’s up to us to equip ourselves with effective strategies, methodologies, tools, and techniques to excel in a disruptive environment.

Who should attend: C-level executives, Head of Customer Engagement, UX designers, Customer sales/support managers.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Simon Separghan – MD & Head of Customer Contact at RBS, Dekyi Boorsma – Head of Customer Service EMEA at Netflix

#21 CXPA European Insight Exchange – Dublin, Ireland – April 2020

Event agenda: Being a CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) accredited event, European Insight Exchange is an invaluable experience. The leadership sessions offered by CXPA members are very personalized given their practical exposure to real-world scenarios. They provide the framework, tools, and techniques to accelerate your brand presence with customers and augment your CX efforts. 

Who should attend: C-level executives, CX practitioners, Analysts.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Paul Barber – CEO and Chief Executive at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, Siobhan Hennessy – Head of Customer Experience at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

#22 CX Europe – London, England – 18th – 19th November 2020

Event agenda: Forrester’s CX Europe will help you practice a proactive approach for inside-out transformation in the workplace to thrive in an era of digital revolution, gig economy and evolving CX innovation. Secure your place to learn how to bridge the gap between insight and innovation in customer experience.

Who should attend: CX practitioners, Analysts, CXOs.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Gina Bhawalkar – Principal Analyst at Forrester

#23 Customer Engagement Transformation Conference – London, England – 9th July 2020

Event agenda: The Customer Engagement Transformation Conference is a dedicated customer success summit, which aims to leverage the untapped potential of digital transformation. This customer engagement conference increases the impact of interactions with customers by aligning them with desired business outcomes. It’s a great conference to be a part of, considering how customer interactions have evolved, and customer engagement is practically driving business.

Who should attend: C-level executives, Heads of Customer Engagement, UX designers.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Dekyi Boorsma – Customer Support Operations EMEA at Netflix, Sarah Marshall – Head of Audience Growth at Vogue

#24 Omnichannel Exec Forum – Barcelona, Spain – 16th – 17th June 2020

Event agenda: Customer engagement is marching towards a complete omnichannel shift, as it is slowly becoming a prerequisite that customers expect. Omnichannel Exec Forum is all about using this paradigm shift to our advantage. Omnichannel support and cross-channel strategies are impacting CSAT to a great extent and have been recording great benchmark business outcomes. Visit the Omnichannel Exec Forum if you want to focus on being future-ready for CX innovation and disruption.

Who should attend: CMOs, CFOs, CXOs.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Rainer Feurer – SVP of Customer Centric Sales Development & Customer Experience at BMW, Ingrid Lindberg – CXO at Chief Customer

Middle East & Africa

#25 CEM Africa Summit – Cape Town, South Africa – 5th – 6th August 2020

Event agenda: Considered to be Africa’s biggest customer experience event, CEM Africa Summit is essentially a customer success summit focused on ROI. You can learn how to build a customer journey roadmap from scratch, starting at awareness through to advocacy. The discussions and keynote sessions offer ways to manage CX transformation and foster an employee-driven CX culture. 

Who should attend: Customer success managers, customer experience experts, CMOs

Noted Speakers in 2019: Guarin Coetzee – Lead: Customer Experience, Strategic Accounts at Smoke Customer Intelligence, Saurabh Prabhuzantye – Business Head: Middle East & Africa at Freshworks

#26 Middle East Retail Forum – Conrad, Dubai – 8th June 2020

Event agenda: This is the 9th edition of the Middle East Retail Forum, which is a customer experience conference known to be tailored to the retail industry. It is one of the UAE’s most authoritative and influential retail intelligence events. With a compelling mix of CXO talks, C-suite roundtables, digital transformation and retail tech panel discussions, as well as an exciting start-up conclave, the Middle East Retail Forum 2020 promises ample opportunities to up the ante on Customer Experience.

Who should attend: CMOs, Customer success managers, CX-driven entrepreneurs in retail, Product marketers

Noted Speakers in 2019: Florencio Padilla – Head of People Experience at Chalhoub Group, Priya Patel-Chomel – Product Marketing Lead at Facebook Middle East

#27 Customer Engagement Technology Conference – Dubai, UAE – 10th June 2020

Event agenda: CET Dubai is a tech-driven event that emphasizes optimizing customer touchpoints. The agenda includes leveraging omnichannel engagement and embracing digital transformation to enhance customer experience and eventually the business-customer relationship. Some of the other key themes that CET Dubai addresses are user experience, customer analytics, chatbots in contact centers, and CRM. 

Who should attend: C-level executives, customer success managers, contact center managers

Noted Speakers in 2019: Hussein M Dajani – General Manager: Digital and Customer Experience Transformation at Nissan, Saad Ouchkir – Head of Google Cloud Customer Engineering, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey

#28 Customer Experience World Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa – 14th July 2020

Event agenda: At CEW Africa, you can learn how to gain a competitive business advantage with useful, real-world examples of scaling CX across your organization. The conference offers an industry-driven and practical environment for customer experience practitioners to learn from each other. Also, you get to know more about cutting-edge technologies that inspire the implementation of trailblazing practices into your customer success play. 

Who should attend: Board members, directors, customer experience managers

Noted Speakers in 2019: Brian Dennis – Author/Keynote Speaker/Customer Service Innovator, Chantel Troskie – Head of Customer Experience Applications at Oracle

#29 Gulf Customer Experience Awards – Dubai, UAE – 21st January 2020

Event agenda: Gulf Customer Experience Awards is an event that recognizes the outstanding CX efforts of individuals, teams, and organizations. No matter your designation or organization size, you are eligible to nominate yourself for exceptional customer experience deliveries. There’s a total of 15 categories that reward CX best practices adopted across varied business sectors. Apart from being an awards event, GCXA offers a great opportunity to learn from successful CX practitioners and their stories of spearheading customer experience transformations.

Who should attend: Customer-facing teams, CX-driven organizations, heads of customer experience 

Noted judges in 2019: Ian Golding – Customer Experience Specialist at Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd, Craig Lee – Customer Experience Director at Activate Experience

#30 CEM & Customer Loyalty Summit – Dubai, UAE – November 2020  

Event agenda: This customer success conference focuses on leveraging customer loyalty, retention, and experience management for better business outcomes. You can take home some great insights on building seamless customer experience through customer-first and technology-backed discussions.

Who should attend: C-level executives, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of customer-facing departments.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Peter Halsor – Senior Vice President, Customer Experience at Riyad Bank,  Katrin Mueller – Director of Loyalty Marketing at Marriott International


#31 CXO Leaders Australia Summit – Sydney, Australia – 12th – 13th August 2020

Event agenda: This customer success conference features well-curated and targeted sessions with interactive workshops, roundtable, 1-1 personal meetings, or panel discussions. Also, get practical training in approaching, handling, and converting customers from front-line executives.

Who should attend: Heads of customer experience, C-level executives, front-line associates, support teams.

Noted Speakers: Trisca Scott-Branagan – Head of Marketing at ANZ, Jane Power – Chief Customer Officer at Greencross Ltd.

#32 Customer Experience Summit – Sydney, Australia – 27th May 2020

Event agenda: Unlike traditional summits, the Customer Experience Summit is known to be interactive, collaborative, innovative, and contextual–hence enabling better networking opportunities with like-minded peers and even leaders. 

Who should attend: CX practitioners, Customer Success Managers.

Noted Speakers: Alex Homer – Chief Customer & Brand Officer at TAL, Sarah Kinsella – Head of Customer & UX at Lendlease

#33 Customer Contact Week Asia – Singapore – 3rd – 4th March 2020

Event agenda: Digital transformation has opened up a plethora of opportunities in the way contact centers have been functioning. Get onboard CCW Asia to learn how to map out a business cadence that is personalized to this age of intense market competition.

Who should attend: Contact center managers, support heads, UX executives.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Vinod Chandramouli – Global Head of Pre-Sales & Marketplace at Freshworks, Bart Taylor – Chief Operations Officer Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia at Allianz Worldwide Partners

#34 Oracle OpenWorld Asia – Singapore – 21st – 22nd April 2020

Event agenda: Oracle OpenWorld Asia is a customer experience conference for tech-driven CX enthusiasts who wish to get more out of data and make informed decisions. Data isn’t as important if it isn’t contextual to your organization and its customers. Learn about practices and solutions that squeeze out the context out of CX transformative data for that much-needed personalization.

Who should attend: Customer data analysts, CX Enablers, CMOs.

Noted Speakers in 2019: Steve Miranda – Executive Vice President at Oracle Applications Product Development, Chris Riddell – Global Futurist & Digital Technology Expert

#35 Customer Experience Asia Week – Singapore – 22nd – 25th September 2020

Event agenda: Recognized as Asia’s #1 CX conference, Customer Experience Asia Week is all set to enthrall you with a line-up of personalized, state-of-the-art and innovative sessions. This is a great chance to make customer-driven decision making an integral part of your organization’s work culture. In one way, this is also a customer success conference as it involves discussions that can help boost the CX ROI and other performance metrics. 

Who should attend: CMOs, CXOs, Analysts, CX practitioners.

Noted Speakers: Adam Geneave – Chief Customer Happiness Officer at AirAsia, Vinod Muthukrishnan – CEO at CloudCherry

Learn Best Practices & Create Meaningful Peer-Peer Connections

Any customer experience conference is a great place to establish connections and create a network of like-minded individuals. Convince your organization to fund your visit by jotting down the use-cases the conference offers, and the value it adds to your organization’s existing customer-facing practices. You could even use this “convince your boss” letter template, which contains the ins and outs of the Refresh customer experience conference–if you’re looking for an inspiration to write a strong case of why you need to attend a conference.

What you can also look for is if the materials of customer experience conferences are available online. Recorded versions of leadership sessions, keynote speaking, and workshops are sometimes made available as soon as the conference ends. Make the best out of exciting new trends and innovations from customer service experts that can help better your customer success KPIs from the grassroots level.

Have we missed any of your favorite customer experience conferences? Do comment with the event details so we can add to our growing list!