Empowering the individual and the organisation, the Indian way

India is known for a lot of things but seldom does one imagine a slick product that is designed and manufactured in India. Instead, most people’s minds will be busy conjuring up images of chaotic Indian streets, the cacophony of noises, the smell of the food markets and the kaleidoscope of colors. Aided by innovative business models, a new generation of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs are busy at work to break stereotypes and change the status. While this macro-trend powering a resurgent India is pervasive within India you are more likely to experience this first hand via the business software you use at work. Get ready and be prepared.

India’s unique culture and traditions mixed with a confluence of realities like a large market of first-time users, punishing conditions are shaping what can be broadly categorized by the term Democratic Design. The concept of Democratic Design originally came from the simplicity, affordability, and quality of IKEA’s furniture. At Freshworks we see it as a guiding principle of how businesses around the world can stand out from their competitors by offering something unique that doesn’t break the bank. 

“Indian Democratic Design” showcases a powerful set of innovative product design principles grounded in simplicity, self-reliance, scale, craftsmanship, and affordability. The movement provides end-users with richly rewarding, easy-to-use products and services. At Freshworks, Democratic Design can be summed up as:

Simplicity – good design brings together form and function to solve problems in the simplest way possible. In pursuit of perfection, our product teams continuously improve and make things as intuitive and as simple as possible to the end-user 

Self-reliance – global products must be easy to deploy, adopt and maintain with minimal assistance. The product experience is designed to make users autonomous in using the product, maximizing productivity and minimizing dependency.

Scalability – designed with large numbers of users in mind, products must be easy to access through a wide range of distribution channels and should seamlessly work with systems from all era that exists within a client’s system landscape

Craftsmanship – global markets and customers expect the best possible product that feels handcrafted by someone of utmost care and love for the craft. On its own, a well-crafted product should be able to create moments of “wow”  

Affordability – making scalable products available to the masses means creating new price points that work for everyone by leveraging economies of scale, expertise available through global talent pools and passing on the benefits to end-users

With these principles, democratically designed products can empower individuals and thus organizations to be more productive regardless of their size and location. Freshworks’ cost-effective and out-of-the-box software designed first and foremost with the front-line worker in mind is centered around Democratic Design. We believe it’s possible to change the world with these principles applied well across our products, services and business model. 

We will discuss our experiences of how we built one of the fastest-growing tech unicorns around the principles of Democratic Design during our 10 city European Roadshow throughout October. Join us to hear insights from our customers across Europe, and to talk to us about how Democratic Design can help you empower your customers and employees.