Freshdesk gets a Fresh Office!

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We moved to a new office recently and I have been wanting to post some pictures of it but was busy with product related work.

Finally I got some time to do that this week. Here is a video showing off our new office – Enjoy!

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  • ubab Another one on its way…. good luck…

  • Manoj Thansi

    very nice girish, very inspiring , thanks

  • Nirmalkumar

    Awesome Girish, all the very best buddy… Godspeed.

  • Rajendra Raja V B

    Happy to see this new venture. Happy to see something frustrating after walkthrough on Zoho Support, being addressed exactly here with this portal.

  • Anonymous


  • Johann Philipp Strathausen

    Nah. not visible in YouTube Germany because of some legal issues with the music… I hate gema 🙂