Freshdesk Mobile App Facelift – Five Features that Change Your Support Game

Today’s consumers expect a prompt, seamless support and service experience across all touchpoints, every single time. This translates to frequent, but shorter customer interactions as consumers have more access points to your brand.

The expectations are clear: Support agents have a growing need to manage customer queries on-the-go. 

Thus, to make ticket management easier and cater to the rising need of offering support on-the-go, earlier this year, we launched a completely revamped Freshdesk mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Whether you want to monitor tickets, respond to, or reassign them, the Freshdesk app empowers support agents to access tickets from anywhere. Using the app, agents can: 

  • Manage Tickets
  • Manage Contacts
  • Receive push notifications 
  • Add public or private notes
  • Log time  

Overall, make supporting easy. This blog breaks down the five key features of the app, and how agents can use it to their advantage.

Ticket lists:

Get a quick summary of all the tickets in your account. Freshdesk app’s simplified view shows key details such as agent assigned to, priority, and status of each ticket.

You can also switch ticket views to see default views available or views customized set up in the web account.

Faster replies:

Typing on a small screen can be tedious. Access canned responses and solution articles within a couple of clicks, no matter where you are within the app, whether in the middle of replying to a ticket or on the ticket lists page.

Swipe away the queues:

Close, assign tickets to yourself, mark a ticket as spam, or delete tickets with a swipe.

Floating action:

Does your customer call your personal number while you are away from your desk? Make them a ‘contact’ effortlessly by using the floating action button on the homepage. This icon also has options to create new tickets and emails. 

The all-new iPhone widget:

Stay informed of all updates in the account throughout the day with the new scoreboard widget available on iOS.


Also, the Freshdesk mobile app is available worldwide and is iPad ready.

Join thousands of support agents across the world using the Freshdesk mobile app to offer support on-the-go. Try it today, it’s free with any and all Freshdesk plans!

Note: The Freshdesk app was created with agent productivity as the prime goal in mind. The features present in the app focuses on essential ticket solving and limits other functions done on the web account to keep the app to its intended purpose. 

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