Monitor Workloads and Assign Tasks Efficiently with the New Scheduling Dashboard

Managing remote field teams from your desk as a helpdesk agent or service dispatcher can be hard. 

Communication can be difficult between teams, misunderstandings are common and getting everyone – both helpdesk agents and field technicians – on the same page regarding customer issues can be very hard. When we studied field service providers and their workflows, we found that they often ran into these three problems:

  1. Helpdesk agents don’t have a clear picture of when field technicians are free to take appointments.
  2. Field technicians need time between appointments for finishing documentation, traveling to the next customer’s location and so on. Dispatchers would often book appointments that were too close to each other making field team schedules very difficult.
  3. Monitoring activity and workload across teams, technicians, service groups was very difficult.

The lack of a clear picture into a field team’s workday meant there were always scheduling inefficiencies, poor appointment slot distribution, and workload balancing. This resulted in an overworked field team, consistent delays and missed appointments, and unhappy customers. 

We built the Scheduling Dashboard in Freshdesk to solve these problems for you.

Introducing the new Scheduling Dashboard

Once you’ve enabled Field Service Management for your Freshdesk helpdesk, the new Scheduling Dashboard will be available for you. It provides you a clear, visual representation of your field team’s workload. 

View your team's weekly field service schedule and balance workload better across teams

It enables you to:

  1. Monitor the daily as well as weekly schedule for each field technician and service team – when they have appointments, how many appointments they have, what their current workload is like
  2. Monitor which service tasks are still unassigned, unresolved, or need attention
  3. Assign service tasks and book appointments with a simple drag-and-drop method into free schedules across service groups and teams.

With the new Scheduling Dashboard, your helpdesk agents and dispatchers can be more informed while booking new appointments. Field technicians can now have the time and flexibility in their schedule to catch up on their paperwork and be punctual for their next appointment.

Schedule appointments, assign tasks and manage field teams with simple drag-and-drop operations

Monitoring becomes easier for field team managers and dispatchers thanks to the dashboard. If any one team is being overloaded on tasks or if multiple appointments have been scheduled for a technician at the same time, the Scheduling Dashboard makes it very visible for the helpdesk agents and dispatchers.

A scheduling dashboard can help you assign tasks and book appointments better,  improve punctuality in your field teams, and ensure that their workloads are balanced well.

To try the scheduling dashboard today, sign up here. If you’d like a demo of how Freshdesk can help you provide better field service, please register here

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