Say Hello To Frilp, Our Second Acquisition

One of the things that I’m really excited of at Freshdesk is that there’s always something amazing waiting to happen around the corner – a new milestone, an innovative feature, sometimes even an awesome customer story. As a company, we keep breaking new records every month. But even as we celebrate our success, we have our eyes set on bigger goals and loftier ambitions.

Just a few days ago, we announced that we crossed the 50,000 customers mark, along with our first acquisition – 1CLICK. Since then, we’ve been busy growing our customer base further. And the 1CLICK team has started working on improving our chat feature, which will soon get video, screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities out of the box.

Today, I’m excited to let you know that we’ve acquired Frilp, the social recommendation app. This is big news not just for the Freshdesk and Frilp teams but for you as well.

Our aim has always been to make it easy for customers to get answers quickly as possible. We do this by letting businesses connect to customers through a wide range of channels. But sometimes, the most meaningful conversation the customer can have before he makes a decision is not with the company, but with another customer.

Today, when you go online shopping for a mobile phone, you don’t want to talk to a support rep who can list down the features. You’re more interested in talking to other buyers who can tell you about their experience, especially people whom you know, and trust.

With our acquisition of Frilp, we aim to help businesses build smart communities where users can get help from the right people, without searching for connections manually. The technology Frilp has built around machine learning and natural language processing will be central to this idea, and will help us change the way users are talking to each other. It has been put to test with over 100,000 users who log in to their platform to get references and hand out recommendations, and will be a big differentiator in the world of customer service.

I am happy to welcome Frilp’s young team to our Chennai office, who will start working on integrating some of their core functionality into our helpdesk. We are looking to build the future of customer service at Freshdesk, and with this acquisition, we’ll be taking another step in the right direction.

A part of Frilp's team