How to incorporate a US Corporation from outside the USA?

When we started Freshdesk,we decided to incorporate in the USA because that seemed to be the best option for a SAAS company that wanted to handle recurring payments from international customers from day 1. Our preferred payment gateway works only with US bank accounts and it is easier to get a US bank account if you are a USA corporation.We are based out of India and the options for accepting dollar payments with recurring billing were seriously limited and expensive.The only option seemed to be Paypal but again we were not sure if we could link Paypal with our Indian bank accounts for USA payments.

Since there were not many resources available on the web for incorporating a US corp from abroad I thought I will share our story for the benefit of future entrepreneurs.

 Of course there are many other ways to do this – but this is how we did it.

1. Incorporation – in the State of Delaware as a Delaware C Corp.

If you ask “Why Delaware” ? – We couldn’t find anything convincing for “Why not” ?

Total cost for incorporation – $1278

Break up:

Lawyer Fees – $1005 (Ryan Roberts at Startup Lawyer). I would highly recommend Ryan. He was very professional and knowledgeable and very easy to work with thru email and skype. He charged us a flat fee for the full service startup incorporation package and this included a Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Restricted Stock Purchase agreements, Technology Transfer agreements, Proprietary Information agreements etc.

Incorporation fees – $148 (Delaware C Corp).

Registered Agent fees – $125 (This is a yearly fee. A registered agent service is mandatory to incorporate a delaware corporation if you live outside Delaware). (Bloomberg Excelsior Business Services)

2. Employer ID Number (EIN – TAX Number)

Every business in the US needs a EIN number (also known as Tax ID number). After Incorporation docs are ready, fill form SS4 and call the IRS Philadelphia center directly at (800) 829-4933 (This is the only office in the US that processes EIN for US business that are incorporated from foreign countries). They will give you the EIN on the phone. It may be helpful if you have a fax nearby at the time of calling. You can fax the filled SS4 form to them so that you don’t have to spell out all the details on the phone.

3. US Physical Address

You need a physical US address for receiving business documents. There are several mail service forwarding providers charging different rates.

My choice was – a web 2.0 company who seemed to be miles ahead of others in what seems to be a very traditional industry. I chose the $20 plan.

They scan mails and send you an email; you can choose emails that needs to be opened and the contents scanned or just forward those mails to any other international address.

Before you can operate your account, you need to submit a notarized form 1583 from USPS to authorize Virtual Post mail to open mails on your (and your companies behalf).

4. US Bank Account 

You need a Business checking account with a US bank. If you already have a personal bank account with a US bank you can try calling them to open a business checking account. I think this is the best option. I tried calling Wells Fargo and the person on the phone told me that I cannot open a bank account with Wells Fargo and that I had to physically go to Delaware and try opening it from Wachovia. I am sure this person was wrong and I think it should be possible with Wells Fargo. I love the bank but somehow could not get my business account opened there.

If you do not have a US bank account but if you are visiting USA in the near future, you can just walk in to a bank with the incorporation documents of your company and open an account.

I posted a question regarding this in Quora and a very nice gentleman who was an advisor to many startups contacted me and referred me to Silicon Valley Bank (who are considered very startup friendly) and I was able to open the account from India itself.

Initially I found it amusing that I was asked to pitch my business idea or send a presentation of my business plan in order to open a business checking account. But I guess Silicon Valley bank offers so many other services to startups but our needs were pretty simple. But SVB has been great till now in terms of responsive support.

5. Merchant Account

The most popular alternatives are Paypal and (they have many resellers). You can go to FeeFighters (Note: They were acquired by Groupon in 2013) to compare providers and choose one that works for you. I skipped the options provided by FeeFighters and went directly with Braintree Payment solutions even though they were slightly more expensive compared to others as I had read good things about them and I did not understand all the hidden fees etc.

Braintree provides me a merchant account, a payment gateway, a PCI compliant vault to store customer Credit card data and can process recurring subscription billing.

We thought we will worry about the fees when we are making millions of dollars and losing considerable money on fees 🙂

6. Business Credit Card

I applied for a mastercard credit card through Silicon Valley Bank – the card is secured with a money market account – basically secured with cash in my bank account.

7. US Phone Numbers

We have a free Google Voice number and a Skype number which is $50 per year. The Google Voice number forwards the calls to our Skype number.

We are considering 1-800 numbers from Grasshopper after we launch.

We also got an iPevo skype phone for receiving Skype calls wirelessly, but the phone has stopped working and I am too busy to send it to the US and return it to Amazon.

That’s pretty much all you need to get the business side of things set up. The only other thing you need is a good product for which customers are willing to open their wallets and swipe their credit cards. (Oh. Ok. Maybe for some of you thats not a requirement for a successful startup! :)) In either case – Good luck on your start-up! And when you need an online helpdesk software for your start-up, do remember to drop us a mail. And while you are on it, try the product..!! We’ll be glad to give you a start-up discount on Freshdesk!

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190 thoughts on “How to incorporate a US Corporation from outside the USA?

  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. It will help the young and fresh entrepreneurs for sure. You are going to be a different business man who will SHARE what they do from the day 1.

  2. What an awesome post. I think you just saved me a day or two of figuring all this out for myself, thanks! I followed the link to and it’s broken. Have you changed your mail provider? If so who to? Does it worry you that a company that had scans of all your professional docs is now deadpooled?

  3. Hi Brent,Virtual Post Mail is doing great and are still operational. I checked the link and it does not seem broken to me. Can you please check again?

  4. I realised after posting it was an overreaction on my part – I was only getting a 403 response. I’ve checked again and it’s still 403, but through a proxy it works fine. It’s possible they’re blocking Vietnamese IPs.

  5. This is one of the most useful blog post I’ve seen in a long time. It will definitely help hundreds of Indian Startups who are in confusion about merchant accounts and stuff.Best of luck with your startup.Thank a lot one more time.- Arania

  6. First off, thanks for such a great well written article. The other thing that I wanted to know was why did you choose to register as a C-corp over an LLC. Is there any specific advantages or disadvantages to the same? I heard that you can have double taxation if registered as a C-Corp. Also how do you handle accounting in terms of booking your expenses and wire transfers to india?

  7. @Rails Pundit – C corp vs. LLC is more of a personal preference in our case. In the long run if you want funding etc. you will have to convert to a C Corp. The double taxation problem will come only if you are living in the US and taking a salary from the company.We have a India company that does the software development work for Freshdesk USA and is paid by the US company for the development work.

  8. Girish, I’ve just spoken to someone who was looking at doing something similar to this in the hope of using Braintree. He said a Braintree rep told him he’d need to have at least one full-time staff member in the US in order to be classified as having a “US presence”.Did you have any issue with this?

  9. Hi Brent,Yes Initially they said the same. I explained to them about the way my company was setup. They require this because their underwriting company wants to keep risks low. (Their assumption is overseas companies are more risky).They accepted my application with stricter risk coverage clauses. Explain your situation to your Braintree account manager and I am sure they should be able to help based on their assessment of your business.CheersGirish

  10. Thank you so much for writing this. I advise a lot of Latin American startups and opening up a bank account is always the issue. Please continue sharing what it’s like to build a global startup in India.

  11. Hi, Great post! Thanks for sharing this info.What about the ongoing accountant costs AFTER you incorporated the company?CheersSebastian

  12. Girish, I am going through this exact process right now, and because I got my SSN while I was studying – it is a ‘non-work SSN’.Is that the same with you ?How did you handle that with Braintree ?They are now asking me for more credentials to prove I am in the US. Business registration documents, to prove I have a physical presence in the US – even though I don’t live there.Did you face similar issues ? If so, how did you handle it with Braintree ?

  13. Hi Girish, We are an Indian startup who offer US, UK Virtual Phone numbers including Toll free. These numbers can then be forwarded to your India Phone Numbers. You can drop us your contact details at:, and we will get in touch.RegardsTeam Miglu

  14. Hi Girish, Quite resourceful and helpful post listing out the necessary details. But can you highlight on the number of travels you had to make to US and days you had to stay there in total to get your company incorporated.Best wishes for freshdesk.Regards,Suvajit

  15. superb post Girish — I stumbled on it since we have to go down the same road.A quick question: so the Delaware corp is taxable? Our of curiosity how do you plan to handle the taxation or is it an off-limits discussion? 😉

  16. Really loved the openness with which you shared the details. I think we in india need this sharing culture if we want to succeed on a global platform. We are a startup and we process payment from us customers on a regular basis. Why should i register in the US is a question that i am struggling with right now. What about the tax issues? Would be great if you could shed some light on this.

  17. Girish, Thank You for this valuable post. It is not that easy to get this information elsewhere. The best part is you were able to get your organization Incorporated right from India.

  18. Hi Girish! Awesome post. We’ve been following this “tutorial” and we even used the same lawyer that you used (Ryan). Since you’re in India, did you need to file a 83(b) election? Thanks,Diego

  19. @Diego – Thanks. You can file an 83(b) only at the time of filing IRS return. If you are not living and working in the US you will not have a Social security number / Taxpayer ID personally. So you cannot file 83(b), just ignore it. This is my understanding. But please always check with your tax advisor.

  20. great post! should be of great help to anyone reading this! Just curious to know how much svb charge to open a US bank account in India for a LLC or C Corp or how much they charged you – initial deposit + their fees. What do you get for the price? have never used their services but wanted to hear from a customer 🙂

  21. I used to register my business and act as the agent. The annual agent fee for them is only $50 per year and they guarantee it will not increase. Excellent article thanks

  22. @Girish, I have the similar case as yours. Setup the company in US by my name (and partners name) and we have the same partner’s company in india as well. Can you please let me know, do we have to pay tax separately in US as well in India (talking about individual taxes). We are transferring the money from our US company to some other firms in India.Can we also transfer the money from our US company to our Indian company (since both companies are by my name)? will it cause any issues?Your comments will be really helpful for me.

  23. @Robin – Please consult a good auditor / financial consultant who can give you the best advice based on understanding of your situation. If you want I can refer someone who is helping me. 

    1. @girish, how did you go about identifying CPA’s and local auditors? Shouldnt the CPA’s be knowledgeable about international taxation ? could you refer me some contacts?

    2. Hi Girish, Thanks a ton for this valuable information I am in the process of registering my business in US by following your post. I am really stuck with tax issues. Can you please let me know the details of the auditor who is helping you.

    3. Hi Girish, Entire post is too good and you explain every things in details which help a lot but i think one part is missing regarding the auditor/financial consultant. could you please give me some more information or if possible please share the contact details of your existing accounting firm.

  24. @Girish: Awesome post! And quite honest! How many people would divulge such information! Kudos!I would be glad if you could help clarify a few doubts I have:I too was also seeking a payment gateway from US (because Indian PGs did not believe in our idea) where they wanted a US Checking Account no.My questions:1. What are the other options to get a bank account in US if we are not funded neither have an existing US bank account? 2. Once you start accepting payments with the US incorporated firm, we do have to follow their taxation system too? (Pardon my knowledge but..) they may be having taxes on Sales and Income. And when you transfer the money to the Indian account, there would involve service tax here too. More light on this would also help.Regards!Ravi

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  27. I don’t know if these hold true for international, but I have a couple of suggestions.  You can open a business bank account online with Bank of America and email them your incorporation documents.  It did take a phone call, though.  They give you a debit MasterCard which can be used like a credit card. 

    For transferring money internationally, HSBC bank will transfer money between international accounts at no charge.  Open a US HSBC account and an account in your home country (if HSBC is there), link the accounts, and you can set up online international transfers. You may have to open a “Premiere” account for this feature.

    You can get your federal EIN instantly using the IRS online tool ( but strangely only during US business hours.

    Also, a note about double taxation.  A “C” corp is double-taxed.  The corporation itself must file and pay annual income taxes. Then, any salary, or dividends, are taxed on the individual.  You can avoid this by making a Subchapter “S” election, which disregards the C corp as a tax paying entity, so taxes are passed through to the individual.  Again, don’t know how this works for non-citizens living abroad.  As an American living abroad, I pay US taxes and taxes in my resident country (although the US gives me a credit for any foreign taxes paid).

    1. Hi Joshua, all valid points. and again, great guidance. The only comment I have is:

      To look serious, to seek large investments, and to go big, you need to be a C corp. I understand that there is double taxation. S corp is to be used for professionals in the US who need limited liability in their business. If you have significant expenses, C corp is suggested. Thoughts?

      1. Well, there is only one type of legal corporation.  The “S” vs. “C” distinction is only for IRS filing.  No one outside the IRS will know the difference.  An “S” corporation is a “pass-through” entity, which means it does not pay tax, and hence does not have double taxation.  In addition, there are limitations on an S corporation, like a max number of shareholders (35), and max investment (I think it’s $1.5 million), and you can’t go public.  So yes, if you are seeking large investments (over $1.5 million) or are seeking to go public, you will need to make it an “C” corp.  The good news is, you can start as an “S” and switch to a “C” and vice versa with a simple IRS filing.

  28. Girish,

    Its a great article! Thanks for sharing.

    After incorporation, for business related trips to USA, what VISA did you apply for?

  29. I think you may be making a bad decision choosing where to incorporate based on your payment gateway alone. If you live outside of the United States you are probably better off incorporating in another country that has more beneficial tax laws given your foreign status. You can open merchant accounts in various different countries that will accept US credit cards and have very minimal tax obligations since you’re selling primarily to a foreign country such as the US.

    Also in order to open a business bank you usually need to present yourself in person to sign a signature card. I tried to do this remotely with several banks without success.

    1.  I have seen a lot of people open USA bank account from India. If you have a valid business plan or high investment, then you can open an account.

    2. While you might be right about the beneficial tax status of many non-US countries (my startup is incorporated in Singapore which certainly qualifies as a beneficial tax country), finding a merchant account provider outside the US/Canada/UK that provides anything like the functionality of the US accounts at a reasonable price is very, very, very difficult. About the only one that comes close to US-like features (zero UI APIs, virtual terminal, no recurring fees etc.) one is Worldpay, but depending on your market segment you’re looking at about US$1000 to get started plus several hundred dollars per month in recurring fees which might be fine if credit cards are your primary payment method, but not great otherwise. Most of the international merchant account processors (such as Plimus, 2CO etc.) actually act as a reseller of your products and not a true payment gateway so they own the customer, not you. Unless you’re willing to hand your customer over to the payment processor for them to treat them as they will, including payment confirmations out of your control and required logins, there’s not much out there for non-US companies.

    3. Sir ,I am living in India and intersected to sell my books online in amazon,I do not have bank ac in us ,hw I should proceed .

      If I visit US will US bank will open my ac easily .

  30. girish, must admit a very nicely written resourceful post. wanted to ask you 2 questions.

    1. did you also incorporate in india?
    2. how did u pay to your indian employees? was it directly from the US company?

  31. Hi Girish, I loved your post. However, I have a questions to ask:

    Why did you need  Restricted Stock Purchase agreements, Technology Transfer agreements, Proprietary Information agreements ?Thanks, Raju Kumar

  32. Hey man, congrats on your incorporation. I just want to ask a few questions as sometime in the future I may also go ahead with this step:
    1. Why did you choose C. Corp. instead of LLC, as that has lesser regulations and tax benefits(pass-through)
    2. Your views on Nevada and Wyoming for incorporation apart from DE as I think they too have flexibility.
    3. You incorporated in Delaware(DE) but your office address is shown in California(CA) on your website, so doesn’t that make you to foreign qualify for CA as well which means re-register there and pay taxes accordingly.

  33. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome post. I got a lot of questions answered. I still need to do some more research though. 1 question though, did you experience double taxation problem? How do you transfer funds from your US Bank account to your Indian account?

    Thanks a lot,

  34. Unbelievably helpful post Girish. I am sure you will receive kudos and queries for many coming years on this post.
    Any chance you can share the contact details of the persons at SVB who helped you open the account from India? We desperately need to open an account!

  35. I contacted SVB from India for the bank account, but they said you need to be a US resident in order to open a US bank account and they also wanted US SSN :(…. any suggestions how we can open a business bank account in US from India??

    1. Hi ebr4him, I realise this is an old post, but I have exactly the same question. – Seems you can’t register with Braintree without a SSN. – How did you overcome that?

      1. Guys it is an old post now, and the rules and regulations have been changed for everything like filing the inc., EIN and bank account. I am trying to get it done since last 1 year and did alot of research and queries but the US Inc filing companies and banks even don’t want to talk, they just deny after listening that we are in INDIA… doesn’t matter if having US corp, address and everything but they only ask for SSN and or US Signer.

        And many US inc. filing companies are doing fraud saying that they will assist from step 1 to open the bank account.

        Well if anyone has the updated information kindly do share, thank you.

  36. Thanks Girish ! It was really helpful.

    Just a thought: Since VirtualPost doesn’t give Delaware address and SVB doesn’t have branches there, Didn’t the Corp qualified as Foreign entity in DE?

  37. The only question I have is that have you experienced any difficulty travelling to US under your visa? I am worried that my B1/B2 visa would have some trouble, once I have a registered US company. Would would you say about visa issues?

  38. thanks for the great info. How long did the whole thing take you? say from step 1 to 5? Thanks

  39. Hello Girish,
    Its a great post, I have just started my business and still not launched due to some paperwork. I still have some questions for you in regards to the post. Is it mandatory to hire the lawyer or can we go ahead and get these things done all by our self. This may sound stupid but just a clarification. Since you have given so much of information bout the startup, what is the amount required to start a bank account. If you could shed some light on that it would be great.
    Bruce McArthur

  40. Girish,
    I am staying in India. If I am partnering in a US companey, Do we have double taxation? As I have to pay tax in USA as business involves income from USA. Do I have to pay tax in India too on profit share I receives from that firm?

  41. $1278 was overspent! You could have just incorporated in Delaware
    online. Also, you need an EIN (Employer Identification Number) to open a
    bank account

    1. This comment seems to be much more interesting than the entire article. Could you please be more specific or point me to an online document about the actual process and the costs involved with this particular “Delware online” method?

      Thanks in advance!

  42. Girish,

    Awesome Post !!

    Just wanted to confirm, Will I still be able to incorporate a US Corporation from outside the USA which being in India as I have heard that Laws have changed in US regarding the same.

    Your kind insight will be appreciated.

    Tinku H

  43. I’m having a hard time finding an accountant. Where did you find yours? Some good Accountants don’t want to work with companies operating overseas that belongs to non-us citizens.

    1. Hi Pedro, I’m having similar problems, did you manage to get good accounting firm who is ready to support overseas firm registered in Delaware state. Please let me know if get the solutions.

  44. hi Girish, really nice information. I was in Philadelphia and tried obtaining an EIN but they said I need a Social Security No. Even the online application needs SSN. How could you get through that?

  45. Hi Girish, Thanks for the nice info. Recently I visited IRS Philadelphia office but I was told that I need a Social Security no. to obtain a Tax ID or EIN. Even the online SS4 application asks for that. How could you get through? Please guide.

  46. Hi Girish, thanks for the information.
    How to you manage to fill your company’s tax return? Any recommendations?


    I want to do overseas trading. I guess by incorporating a company inside US will not allow me to invest in an IPO there. Through incorporation can I get a residential physical address for trading? Can you throw some ideas on how I can facilitate myself to invest in an IPO through trading while I am in India? I inquired with several bank in India and they are not permitted by Govt for now.

  48. Girish…
    Wooow… this was exactly the same information i had been looking for and you provided it.
    @ravimittal has a point. One more post on the procedures involved in transferring the money to the Indian account will be great.

  49. You are just simple and an actual human with the most powerful side of an entrepreneur! #Respect

  50. Hi Girish,
    I bought an existing S corporation company and I am residing in India and does not have any SSN. My question is do I file tax returns as “S” corporation or do I change it to “C” corporation and do I use the same FEIN number as it was linked with previous owner SSN. I am going to USA in next month, if I get my SSN can I link my SSN with FEIN number o the company ? please guide me

  51. Thanks for the wonderful post Girish. Helped me know the steps while incorporating my startup. This acted as a check list. We followed ditto, expect with choosing startuplawyer. And SVB rejected us saying that we should be backed by an investor. Got my friend/partner in the US to walk into Bank of America and get the business checking account. It’s now VisitorEngage, Inc and we got stripe. 🙂

  52. Hello Girish , what are the legal and financial problems regarding
    starting a company virtually in US? is it possible …………?

  53. Nice Post!

    Hi, My Name is S.K. Chauhan and live in India.

    I want to launch a website from California, US. I have below queries.

    1. How to get physical address in US?

    2. How to open a bank account in US?

    and what other things required to launch a website in USA?

    Please provide me the steps to launch a website from California, US.

    Thank you.

  54. Does it still make sense for an Indian start-up which needs to accept recurring international payments in US$ to incorporate in US or has it since become easier in India with regards to payment service…??

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  56. Girish
    Super job. So easy to follow and so straightforward. I’m going to bookmark this page, please never delete it.

  57. Thank you for your much appreciated help and stunning advice.
    All the best for your business.

    Gros Chat

  58. Or you can use a company in the US who offer virtual terminal services to international merchants. Its quicker, easier and cheaper. We have three different virtual terminals available registered under 3 different companies. We offer virtual terminal services to multiple internationals and we pay them every 7 days through either paypal, wire transfer or western union. We have great customer service and we always have contact with our customers despite the difference in time zones. We give our customers access to this terminals where they can charge customers directly through their credit/debit cards, send invoice and manage their account. We also offer state of the art balance history where you can manage your finances and analyze your growth rates. We even offer pay roll and bill payments for your employees. Contact our head of customer relations at or skype me at briankiriba. I have uploaded some examples for you to see. Thank you for your time.

  59. Hi Girish! Very useful article, thanks a ton! A quick question, what are the yearly costs of running the corporation (e.g. file reports, audits etc)? Would be deeply appreciated!

  60. Thanks Girish for such wonderful post. Myself and my colleagues were having a discussion about the same and none of us had any clue, and here were are, landed on this page. Couldn’t thank you more for the detailed information you have posted.

  61. Good Post. HI, I am sumit s from pune, india. software company incorporated in india under puneROC, now i want to start business in USA – But dont know how , kindly guide me how ? how to open branch in USA or is it required to setup new company in USA etc. waiting for reply & also share on
    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit –

  62. Good Post. HI, I am sumit s from pune, india. software company
    incorporated in india under puneROC, now i want to start business in USA
    – But dont know how , kindly guide me how ? how to open branch in USA
    or is it required to setup new company in USA etc. waiting for reply
    & also share on
    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit –

  63. Urgent!! I have query regarding incorporating a business in US. Recently i have started a company in India, and we would like to register it in US. Can anyone tell me what is the exact procedure to be followed for registering the company in U.S and getting a business bank account for our company. Please help me in this case, if would be really grateful. Thanks in advance.

  64. Urgent!! I have query regarding incorporating a business in US.
    Recently i have started a company in India, and we would like to
    register it in US. Can anyone tell me what is the exact procedure to be
    followed for registering the company in U.S and getting a business bank
    account for our company. Please help me in this case, if would be really
    grateful. I need to Incorporate my Indian biz (pvt ltd) in US + Open a Business a/c + avail a international payment gateway.

  65. Hello,

    Great article but i have problem now i have LLC company in nevada + EIN + us phone

    Braintree as me to provide them a physical business in usa i was use viabox us address but they decline my application for this reason.

    i take along way in my business and stoped in this step , what i can do now ?

  66. Thank you so much for your post… I was too much worried about incorporating a US corporation from India and your post helped me alot… Just one question – Will this go as smooth as you described for a Tech Support Company (Legit Of Course)… Thanks alot again… ✌

  67. couldnt find a better article…m one of those old hogs n still believe a paying customer is far better than VC funding..
    Doing it exactly your way, though in different domain 🙂

  68. you dont have to pay double taxation…thr is a treaty between d two countries
    plus work visa thing is of no concern to you if u dont have an active involvement in it

  69. Hi Girish. Will I have to pay any tax in india on the income of the Delaware LLC. I am an NRI living in Dubai.

  70. Hi Girish
    I am Green card holder but live in India. Can I start my IT Staffing company in USA without having any mailing address

  71. To all if you just want to open a US Corporation just for accepting payment gateways then do consider gateways like Fastspring or CCNow which allow international wires and are available in India. I was once with 2checkout but that was a bad experience but i heard fastspring is really good.

  72. Hi Girish,

    Great article. I was wondering if Payment processing was the only reason you decided to start as a US company? If yes, I know about Fastspring who takes care of global payments subscriptions. I am just thinking if there is any other benefit of going this way as well?

    Many Thanks

  73. With a U.S. company, it’s easier to:

    – Sell in the U.S. market

    – Enhance the reputation of your company, both to U.S. customers and overseas, and

    – Access the capital markets in the U.S. for venture capital, angel investors, and public markets

    While the process may seem complicated, non-U.S. residents can legally form U.S. companies. If this is a route you plan to undertake, it pays to know your options and the possible obstacles you would have to hurdle before taking a major step forward.

    For a comprehensive guide on how to start a U.S. business as a non-U.S. foreign resident, read here:

  74. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your website…’s very helpful 😉
    Regarding the bank account, do we have to open in the same state where we are incorporated ?
    Can we sell then to all the US states even if there are several VAT ?
    For a foreign people, what about taxes in our resident country ?
    Can we move funds from corporate bank account to a personal one (still in the US) ?
    What about US taxes and what forms we have to fill ?
    Thank you in advance for your feedback 😉

  75. Love my life as a refreshment provider on several state fairs across this land. Love my 38 ft Airstream, my full time home!

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  78. I would like to ask few question..
    1)In which country you would be paying taxes and how much in %.
    2)Why incorporating in US just for a payment would have picked a better bank like CITI or HSBC in India itself?

    1. For your second question – SAAS requires recurring billing , and RBI has restriction on recurring payment services. Moreover the only payment gateway i think is trying to provide a recurring payment solution is razorpay, but even they dont support the payments in dollars (dont mistake me, they do support international card and payments, but the cost you define has to be in Rupees)

  79. Hey guys, how do you pay yourself from the US Company? Do you pay yourself directly from the business? Or do you charge them through an indian entity first?

  80. Well written!

    But how are you dealing with taxes? Having LLC in Delaware and mailing address in CA. Does n’t it make legal presence in two different states?

  81. Please I want to find out. If I obtain all the documents mentioned, US address, US bank account, US registered business and EIN. When selling on amazon or ebay outside US, do I have to change my IP address to US IP address?

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  85. Hey Girish, your post provides good insight into the process and that’s a great place to begin if someone is considering starting a business in the US. There are so many aspects that become important decision points, including taxes and legal hurdles. Like you’ve mentioned, it’s best to seek legal advice before commencing the process.