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At Freshdesk, we’re always looking to grow and improve on the quality of customer support we can help you offer. Listening to our customers and iterating on their feedback has been an important driver of our development process here; simply put, we want to raise the bar on good support.

And one major feedback we hear from businesses is the challenge in making sure that their support is a multi-team, multi-disciplinary effort. Building good relationships require that everyone from sales to marketing, support as well as product development teams all work together. This also means finding a way to make sure that the tools these teams use, the intelligence they have in their silos, and the people themselves work together and complement each other.

So, back in April, we launched the App Gallery to ensure you had easy access to such tweaks and integrations right from within the helpdesk. Powerful apps bridging the gap between your helpdesk and your sales, telephony or invoicing solutions meant that your agents had much more information to work with and more channels through which to provide intelligent support to customers.

In a bid, however, to open up Freshdesk even more and to let you make it truly yours, we are now launching the Freshdesk Developer Portal.

The Developer Portal and the Freshdesk SDK

The Freshdesk SDK is a robust, versatile toolkit that will give you access to all the resources, commands and the freedom needed to build apps that augment Freshdesk’s powerful support capabilities. With the SDK, Freshdesk is now flexible enough for you to make tweaks to your helpdesk and make it fit your workflow better. Expanding the horizons on your use of Freshdesk and improving efficiency is now possible without much effort or investment.

You will be able to build your own Freshdesk Apps that:

  • Connect Freshdesk to any business tool you need to get the information you want.1 - QuickBooks app for Freshdesk
  • Extend Freshdesk’s functionality by introducing your own tweaks.2 - Recent Tickets app for Freshdesk
  • Help you provide a personal touch to support.3 - Google Hangouts app for Freshdesk

The SDK also has features such as Local Testing which work in tandem with your helpdesk environment to give you access to most of Freshdesk’s features and abilities to help you test your apps easily.

Once you’ve built some apps, not only will you be able to you use it on your own helpdesk but through the new Freshdesk Developer Portal, you will also be able to share them with the entire global customer base of Freshdesk. The Developer Portal will enable you to list your app on the Freshdesk App Gallery and contribute to the customer happiness efforts of other businesses as well. Sharing your apps on the Freshdesk App Gallery will also automatically ensure that you are a part of Freshdesk’s strong app-focused marketing and sales drives so you will have the opportunity to reach out to Freshdesk’s global customer base.

You can sign up here to create your developer account. You can get more details on how to develop a Freshdesk app here. We’re excited to see what you use the Freshdesk SDK for, so make sure to write in and let us know.

For updates regarding the SDK or if you have any ideas for apps and want to connect with developers to build it, subscribe to our developer forums.

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