Say Hello To Our Fifth Acquisition, Airwoot

At Freshdesk, there is always something exciting happening around the corner and today, I am pleased to announce to you that we’ve made our fifth acquisition – a smart social customer support tool, Airwoot.

Over the last few months, we announced four acquisitions – 1CLICK, Frilp, Konotor and Framebench. Each of these teams have settled into Freshdesk and become a part of our family. They have been steadily building and shipping out awesome new features. We pulled off a great product launch with Hotline last month. I am happy to welcome the Airwoot team to our Chennai office and help us deliver customer happiness like we envisioned it right from the day we started.

Taking you back to the day we started, one of our primary focus areas was on social media support and how we could empower brands to provide stellar support to their customers. With the social integrations within Freshdesk, we were able to allow businesses to monitor posts that were relevant to them. We focused on building a ticketing system which would help support teams keep track of customer issues reported on social media.

What we soon realized was that most brands found it difficult to set up these filters and rules. Since the social media space is continually evolving, the language on it does too. These filters and rules needed constant manual updates, which was not easy for most teams. Airwoot’s Artificial Intelligence technology has been instrumental in helping brands do this effortlessly. Harnessing the power of machine learning, Airwoot filters out the noise and marketing chatter from your social handles and allows you to respond to customer queries, then and there.

When your customer support team is on social, they are likely to come across posts which might not need immediate action. Amidst all the ‘thank you’s and marketing campaign hashtags, legitimate customer grievances might get drowned out. But they need to be able to sift through this, and take action on the customer queries. The Airwoot algorithm can also predict when a conversation is likely to go viral, giving you enough heads up to act upon it.

Today, top brands see heavy traffic on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Some brands see over 10,000 interactions on a day-to-day basis with their customers. Businesses no longer have to put a separate social support team in place to respond to customers via social media. Airwoot will help support agents prioritize and focus on exactly what customer issues need to be responded to, and help in tackling such an exponential load.

Airwoot will continue to support their existing customers, and function as a standalone product. The Airwoot team will focus on enhancing Freshdesk’s social offering. We look forward to working with them and helping power the social engagement centers of the future.