Star Wars: Episode Freshdesk

Themed campaigns are common in marketing and they work wonders for your brand awareness and lead generation. This time around Star Wars day, there was a different problem that we wanted to solve — adoption of Freshdesk’s Mint version. For those of you who are unaware of what Mint is, here’s a little background story.

Back in October 2017, we launched Freshdesk Mint, a visual and architectural revamp of the entire helpdesk engineered to deliver a faster, smoother customer support experience for both businesses and customers. We rolled it out in phases and made it available to most of our users. Though we did not force our users to move to this version, we observed some resistance in adopting to this change, just like any other change. Not all of the users had moved to the Mint version of Freshdesk. For months we were figuring out how to make the rest of the users migrate to the newer version. And then 4th May happened.

4th May is Star Wars day, a day when fans from all over the world celebrate Star Wars enthusiastically. Needless to say, many support agents love Star Wars too. Being big fans ourselves, we thought we could use this phenomenon to get people to try out Mint,  while having some fun at the same time.

Here’s how we brought the Freshdesk Star Wars campaign to life, which lived from 3rd May 2018 to 9th May 2018.

In-product Buttons and Icons

The classic version of Freshdesk has a button to “Switch to Mint experience”. We changed this button to “Join the Resistance”, the resistance against old, boring, difficult to use service desks. Clicking on this button would switch the user to the Mint version for them to try it, and stick to it if they liked wars campaignWe also changed the explore icon to a neat icon of Death Star’s second version. Clicking on the Death Star icon takes the user to the explore tab, where we had articles written on a comparison of Freshdesk features and Star Wars characters/places. star wars campaignWe wrote two such articles to make it relevant to Mint users and users who have partially switched to the Mint version.

Product Loader Text

We also got creative with Freshdesk’s loader text. Here are a few variants—Star wars campaign

Campaign Resultsstar wars campaign

Tons of Customer Love

star wars campaign

Key Takeaways

Every small change in the product will be noticed

Freshdesk users are heavy users. They spend many hours daily on the product resolving customer queries. This is true for almost all SaaS products. Therefore, users are used to how the product looks and even a tiny change will stand out. Leverage this behavioral cue to upsell, engage, or delight your customers.

Product loader text carries the baton

The excitement of using something new dies down slowly and steadily as we get into the daily monotony of usage. We even dread getting to work and switching on the system because we sometimes despise the boring first sight of the upcoming day. It’s a welcome change to see something new, relatable and completely refreshing. First impressions, can set the tone and pace for the rest of the day.

If you like what the user likes, they will like you back

From a business standpoint, we sometimes tend to forget that our users are people. People get translated into numbers in our sheets, losing their ‘human’ identity. We need to take a step back and reiterate to ourselves that we are dealing with people, like you and me. Do not let go off an opportunity to engage with your customers.

Timing is key. Always.

Everything has a shelf life. Especially conversations on the internet where the shelf life is quite short. With so much content being produced every day by so many brands, products and companies, it’s easy for your content to get lost. In order to have the maximum impact and get the desired results, we have to ensure that our communication is timely.

With that, I’ll see you again to talk about another interesting campaign or strategy that we pulled off.

May the 4th has passed, but the force shall forever be with us.

  • Many props for this ingenious Freshdesk Star Wars campaign! May your Mint version always tread the path of light and never turn to the dark aside!