How Support Agents Can Sail through their Day with the Freshdesk app

The life of a support agent is no simple job. Each day they face a ton of queries varying from ‘how-to’ questions that only need a canned response, to complicated issues that require to be sorted out with the help of different teams. 

The complexity and volume of queries notwithstanding, customers are increasingly expecting immediate fixes to their problems, so much so that 53% of customers expect brands to reply to their queries within an hour of contact. 

And given that the current support ecosystem has more channels than ever before (like Whatsapp, Social media etc.,) for customers to reach out to brands, agents must take on a constant inflow of tickets. 

This translates into two things—agents have to embrace shorter interactions and, at the same time, resolve the tickets more quickly.

That’s why the Freshdesk mobile app equips agents with the firepower to provide support on-the-go. The app has been designed to help ease the everyday tasks of agents that work with any kind of business. 

Let’s take Jen, a customer support agent with a travel agency, as an example. With inquiries dropping in all round the clock and critical payment and billing issues demanding urgent attention, Jen and her team use the mobile app as a way to increase productivity. 

Prep-up for the Day

Jen takes public transport to work every day. During the commute, she skims through the ticket list to know what’s in for the day and plans for the day ahead. Being a person who likes to keep her ticket queue low at all times, Jen replies to tickets that need only a canned response or a solution article to be sent. She also checks if tickets closed the previous day are reopened for any issue.

The ticket list for the day has already begun to look organized even before Jen has gotten to work.

Worry-Free Breaks

Before using the Freshdesk app, Jen would avoid taking breaks, especially in times of high ticket volumes. But ever since she started using the Freshdesk mobile app, she is able to keep tabs on incoming tickets from anywhere with the live scoreboard widget on her iPhone. The dashboard auto-syncs in real time and provides instant updates. In case any issue needs immediate assistance, such as being assigned a high priority ticket, she gets a push notification and attends to it right there while enjoying her cup of coffee.

Stepping out in case of an emergency during work hours has never been easier for Jen. She doesn’t necessarily work on tickets while she’s away. With the Freshdesk mobile app, however, Jen can now easily reassign high priority/overdue tickets to other agents, thus making sure the SLAs don’t get breached. 

Once in a while, when need arises, Jen also 

  • Adds tags and/or make public/private notes to tickets . 
  • Merge tickets that need a similar solution. 


Be at the Top of Your Game

With such a productive day, Jen heads home with a bright smile. Key metrics such as response and resolution rates always meet the SLA terms since Jen and her team started using the app. And to top it all off, she and her colleagues log in their work time while working on the app, either manually or using the timer option available. This way, her managers have clarity of the team’s work time.

Thousands of customer support agents across the globe are witnessing a spike in their customer satisfaction, like Jen, by using the Freshdesk mobile app. 

Start supporting customer tickets on-the-go today: the Freshdesk app is free with all Freshdesk plans!


Note: The Freshdesk app was created with agent productivity as the prime goal. The app focuses on features essential to resolving tickets and limits other functions—which you can do through the regular web account. 


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