Web Summit 2015

It’s been a busy month at Freshdesk HQ.

We’ve hosted four events across the world – Customer Happiness Tours at Gurgaon, Toronto, Warsaw and Amsterdam. We acquired a company. We were at three places at the same time – Fusion, QBConnect and Web Summit. All this in the same month as our fifth birthday. A month of triumphs. A month of milestones.

When we attended the Web Summit for the first time in 2013, we were in the START program. Now, if you’ve never been to the Web Summit, the START booths have just enough space to swing a leprechaun in.

Here’s Alan Berkson, our Director of Community Outreach, at our first booth (it extends from the Summit sign to the other Summit sign; Alan is encroaching):

We had 10,000 customers back then.

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly. We have over 50,000 customers now and 4 offices – Silicon Valley, London, Sydney and Chennai. This time, our booth had enough space to fit two giant TVs and still have enough room for a jig.

Freshdesk at Web Summit

The highlight of this Summit, however, wasn’t the yard long booth, the interesting schedule, the opportunity to meet partners or even the free goodies (and there was ice cream)!

It was the opportunity to connect with startup entrepreneurs and talk shop; an opportunity to talk to customers and get input on how we can evolve our product and grow to fulfill their needs.

When you’re a startup, getting new customers is a challenge. Keeping those customers happy is also a challenge, a challenge of which customer service is a key element. As a startup ourselves, we know how hard it can get. We’ve been through the whole curve and it can be a tough ride if you don’t have the right processes or tools in place to make sure your customers are as happy as they can be.

That’s why, this year, we decided to give away a free year of Freshdesk to eligible startups. We tried to invite as many startups as possible but with over 30,000 people attending the three-day Summit, there’s a good possibility that we might have left you out. So, if you’re a startup interested in making sure that your customers are getting the best experience possible even as you grow, speak to us.