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Multi-product support

Freshdesk enables you to easily support an unlimited number of products from a single help desk. All your tickets can flow into the same helpdesk and get categorized and assigned to specific agents or teams, with ease. You can even customize specific assignment rules, different email notifications, SLAs etc. for each product.

You can also control what your customers see from the outside. Each of your products can have their own support portal with a dedicated knowledge base and community forum. You can even customize the portals to reflect your company’s different brands.

One Helpdesk. All across the globe

Multiple SLA Policies

Set up multiple SLA policies for different requesters in your helpdesk by having different SLA rules for every product, department, or company you support. You now have an SLA policy for every occasion.

Support across time-zones

Regardless of whether they're in Chicago or Bangalore or tucked away in the countryside, your agents can now schedule their work hours by their local clocks, even if your helpdesk is primarily based in Berlin.

Multiple business hours

With Freshdesk, you can set business hours for each team, based on shift or location. This way, finance gets to stop at 5, priority support can work all night, and your team in Canada can take off Thanksgiving in October.

Multilingual support

Trying to support a multilingual customer base across geographies? We got your back. With Freshdesk, you can support customers in over 30 languages. Based on the customer's preferences, everything from email notifications to knowledge base solutions appears in the language of their choice.

Agents also get to view and manage their helpdesk portal in their preferred language to start supporting your customers immediately. You can even integrate your helpdesk with services like Transifex, Localize, OneSky and Google Translate to make sure that your translation is seamless and perfect, to the word.

It's amazing how, with a few hours of effort, we could set up Freshdesk to suit all the needs of our 22 malls throughout Brazil. I've never seen such an intuitive tool like Freshdesk.

Fernando Wanderley Ancar Ivanhoe, Brazil
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