What is a global help desk?

A global help desk, also known as a global service desk, is a cloud-based help desk software that enables you to assist your customers across the globe, from wherever you are. 

You can also find the term global help desk being used to refer to a business’ central customer support team that customers can turn to at any time. Here, ‘global’ refers to the round-the-clock availability of customer support.

A global helpdesk software is a must-have for growing businesses looking to deliver 24/7 support and remote teams that want to assist customers seamlessly with multilingual and multiproduct support. 

What are the benefits of using a global service desk?

Scale your support team globally

If you’re expanding your business to different regions, you need to ensure that you continue to deliver consistent and high-quality customer service across geographies. The best way to do that is by using a single, unified help desk software that helps you manage customer service across all regions. 

Whether you have different teams in different regions or a centralized team working in shifts to offer global customer service, using a help desk solution with intuitive tracking and smart workflow automations can improve transparency and ensure that there is no duplication of effort. 

Customers continue to get a seamless customer experience even when issues are handed off to another region or picked up by agents in the next shift since there’s no loss in context or information. 

Enable distributed teams to work seamlessly

With the rise of remote work, it’s important to pick a solution that enables agents to work from any place or time zone and solves the challenges of remote work. This could be anything from difficulty in consulting with teammates, to keeping everyone updated on a team and organization level. 

A global help desk offers a unified view of customer conversations with the priority, category, and owner of each conversation mapped to ensure that all team members are on the same page. An excellent global help desk will also enable agents to collaborate with context through an internal chat system, notes that can be added to tickets, or integrations with collaboration tools. 

Using a global help desk, you can even set up SLAs and automations according to each time zone to ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised and agents are not reprimanded for no fault of theirs. 

Outsource customer support with ease

While call center agencies might have their own tools and technology in place for help desk outsourcing, recommending that they use your help desk solution has its own benefits.

For instance, when an agency uses your global service desk, it will give you visibility into day-to-day activities, help desk operations, and insights on customer service KPIs that are needed for effective decision making. It helps ensure that the call center agency is doing a good job at keeping your customers satisfied and also enables you to easily calculate the bill by the hour or based on the number of technical issues solved.

Why is Freshdesk the best global service desk for you?

Support multiple products

If your business sells multiple products, using different help desk solutions for each product not only increases support costs but also makes things quite chaotic. 

However, using a global ticketing software like Freshdesk, you can effortlessly set up a global help desk for each product and manage multi-product support at scale.

You can use different support email addresses, launch unique customer portals, and set up business rules and automations for each product. This way, you can offer dedicated, streamlined support while saving on your support costs. 

Multiproduct support in a global help desk Multiproduct support in a global help desk

Provide multilingual support

If you have a global customer base, you will need to offer customer service in multiple languages, and Freshdesk helps you offer multilingual support with ease.

You can customize everything from email notifications to knowledge base solutions and customer satisfaction surveys to the language preference of your customers.

In addition to offering multilingual support to your customers, Freshdesk also enables you to grow your support team across multiple geographies and onboard them with the right resources in the agents’ preferred language.

Multilingual support in a global service desk Multilingual support in a global service desk

Collaborate with context

While collaborating on an issue, there’s a lot of context that needs to be set before diving into solving the problem. You need to offer a complete historical record and the technical details of the customer’s issue with the person looped in. 

To avoid this, Freshdesk offers an internal chatbox right on the ticket interface that enables you to collaborate within and across teams with complete context of the customer’s issue. You can even designate an agent or a group of agents as Collaborators whose main role is helping agents solve issues faster. Collaborators can also liaisons with outsourcing agencies and internal tech support teams to find quick solutions to complex issues.

Collaboration in global helpdesk Collaboration in global helpdesk

Make data-backed improvements

Having access to robust data and insights on performance is essential to ensure that everyone is on the right track, especially for remote teams and businesses that outsource customer support.  

You can leverage Freshdesk’s live dashboards and customizable reports to keep tabs on key help desk metrics. You can drill down by product, region, agents, or groups to determine what’s working and what can be improved.

analytics analytics

Secure your data

Every company that collects customer data needs to adhere to strict guidelines. Global companies need to even comply with different laws in each country.

Protecting your customers’ data becomes all the more important if you’re outsourcing your support to an external agency.  

Freshdesk protects your data with biometric locks and security protocols that are up-to-date with industry standards. You can also set up IP and role-level restrictions in your help desk.

Security for global services

Use your global help desk to its full potential

Set customer expectations

Manage and meet varied customer expectations by configuring different business rules for different products or locations using multiple SLA policies.

Support across time zones

If you operate in different time zones, you can configure practical working hours to accommodate the locations of your customer base as well as that of your support team.

Integrate with 650+ apps

Make your global customer support more efficient by integrating with your tech-stack and helpful apps including Virtual Observer, injixo, and Translate Buddy.