4 reasons to Gamify your Helpdesk

Its been a week since we launched Freshdesk Arcade and we’ve been seeing so much love from support teams across the world that it truly feels awe-inspiring. The tweets and shares that have been pouring about a support agent leveling up in Freshdesk Arcade, winning a trophy, or completing a quest to unlock a badge shows that customer support has just been waiting to transform into something more fun.

But what makes support so well primed to be gamified? Here are the four biggest behind-the-scenes reasons for incorporating game mechanics into customer support with Freshdesk Arcade.

1. The Obvious: Turn boring into fun.

Turn boring customer support into Fun with Freshdesk Arcade

Support is a boring, menial job and at times can leave agents exasperated and tired. Exactly why it must be gamified. With products like Freshdesk’s Support Arcade, support can be turned into fun, a game with something at stake, a point to prove, another agent to beat. When your agents start competing and collaborating, it won’t be long before you start seeing results shooting up. And a little bit of fun is going to make a huge difference not just for your staff, but also customers who are trying to get help.

2. The Subliminal: Keep agents motivated

Keep support agents motivated with the gamified help desk

Everyday, agents come in, take phone calls, send out emails until they literally don’t want to do it anymore and sometimes even after that. You don’t need to be Einstein to realize that motivating them is a key factor to get your support standards up. By letting them score points and awarding them trophies, you can add a whole to dimension to their work life – something fun and engaging – which will turn even the most boring days into productive ones. And once they get into the game, they are just gonna want to get more and more of it.

3. Align the team to support objectives

Align customer support objectives with business goals

Once you have figured out how make work fun for your agents, the next idea is to drive them towards business goals that will have an immediate impact on your customers. A KPI isn’t really a goal, is it? One of the ways to do this is to convert your support objectives into quests and award points to agents upon completion. The ability to create custom-tailored quests, available with tools like Freshdesk can make life easier for managers, especially when there are a bunch of deadlines coming up.

4. Identify and Incentivize

Identify and incentivize top customer support agents

You are giving agents points, badges and trophies – great. But what does all these convert into in real life? You are gonna have to give them something that will make them jump out of bed every morning. Setting up a proper system to analyse and track agents’ progress means you can easily identify and incentivize bonuses for performers. That way, your agents get not just a pat on the back for doing a good job, but also something that is of value to them.

Is gamification the future of customer support? We sure think so.

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2 thoughts on “4 reasons to Gamify your Helpdesk

  1. A gamify helpdesk does really add a spice to a boring everyday routine that most agents felt compelled to accomplish.  That’s why a little excitement and spice will do the magic to keep them motivated in accomplishing their everyday task.