What is a customer communication management platform? 

A customer communication management platform is a tool used by businesses to manage customer conversations. Customers today reach out to brands using various channels of communication, and a communication management platform streamlines all these conversations to make it easy for brands to engage with customers, with complete context. 

Why is a customer communication platform important?

In today’s digital age, customers expect to be able to communicate with brands, whenever the need arises, and on a channel of their choosing. Right from the first touchpoint until post-purchase customer service, the way brands interact with customers largely influences customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

However, there are a few challenges to delivering a consistent and frictionless customer experience:

By using a customer communication management platform, you can solve these problems and hold seamless conversations with your customers.

Why is Freshdesk the right customer communication platform for you?

Maintain one continuous conversation across channels

Freshdesk lets you engage with customers on all channels from a single platform. This way, your team can keep track of issues on different channels with one tool. With Freshdesk, you can easily access the requests that a customer has raised in the past. This helps you have contextual and personalized conversations with your customers.

Give your customers a better way to engage with self-service

Freshdesk helps you provide effortless and low friction experiences with self-service with:

  •  Self-service portal: Give your customers a one-stop-shop to access all your help guides and FAQs. Customers can also search for their questions and find relevant answers. 
  • Chatbot: Embed a chatbot on your website or mobile app to help customers find answers without leaving the screen. 
  • Community forums: Foster an active community to encourage customers to engage with each other, share stories and help each other resolve issues. 

Predict issues and proactively delight customers

Freshdesk helps you incorporate a proactive approach to customer support in your strategy and up your customer experience game. Using Freshdesk, you can automatically trigger a dialog box when a customer displays signals of frustration such as rage clicks, and dead clicks. This way, customers can easily ask for assistance, and help your team deliver moments of wow when your customers most require it. 

Collaborate on an issue without breaking a sweat

To ensure that your team can collaborate effortlessly without compromising on visibility, you can leverage Freshdesk’s features like shared ownership and the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration. This way, all teams can stay on the same page and you never have to keep a customer waiting for an update ever again. 


Monitor key support metrics and team performance

Having data-backed insights on your customer conversations can give you the complete picture of how things are looking for your customers as well as your team. By keeping track of the number of customer conversations that come in and how well your team is able to handle their workload, you can improve workflows. With Freshdesk, you can get these insights in a few keystrokes.

Plus, with Freshdesk’s dashboards, you can get a birds-eye view of the number of open or pending conversations, your team’s performance, customer satisfaction ratings, and more.

measure important metrics

More reasons to choose Freshdesk

Get started in no time

To use Freshdesk, you do not need a complicated onboarding process. You can simply sign up, get your team on board and start supporting customers.  

Integrate different apps

Extend the capabilities of your Freshdesk account by plugging in different tools from the Freshdesk marketplace that has over 500 apps.

Keep your account secured

Freshdesk is GRPR and HIPAA compliant and lets you host data in centers across the globe and offers IP whitelisting, custom email servers and SAML SSO.