Presenting the new Freshdesk Arcade – Customer Support just became a lot more fun!

In customer support, winning that one moment of satisfaction justifies all the work that you put in. But lets face it. Answering phone calls, replying to emails, and waking up to irate customers day after day is still, in many ways, boring.

What do you do when you get bored? Some of us toss crumpled paper across the floor. And some of us prefer shooting angry birds at pigs. So how can we bring some fun into your customer support?

Welcome to the Support Arcade. Drop 3 coins to continue…

Since you don’t get to play as much as you’d like to, we thought we’d bring the game right to you. So lets gamify your support desk with the Freshdesk Arcade!

Now every support ticket that flows in is a chance for agents to score. What’s even cooler – you get to award bonus points to your support team based on what is most important to you. Like shooting out answers super fast, getting the solution right the first time, and winning awesome satisfaction ratings from customers.

Step on the pedal with your own Quests. Agents can even go on specific Quests you set them on, and earn badges of honor right off the dashboard.

Follow your support teams’ progress with the leaderboard. And award special trophies to the top scorers for being the Speed Racer, Sharp Shooter, Customer Wow Champ, and best of all, your Most Valuable Player of the month.

That way, when the month rolls to an end and it is time to celebrate your support team’s rockstars, you already know the best players are in the team.

And it’s all in with the new Estate Plan

The Freshdesk Gamification will be available on the all-new Estate plan which will come at $49 per agent per month. And you get to set and award special bonus points to your team. And your team can keep a check on their progress and earn trophies by earning a spot on your leaderboards. But the best part is, you get to create and set your team on your own quests and missions too!

And Freshdesk customers get an even more exciting deal!

Our customers are our rock stars, and we are sure you would love to gamify your support already! Guess what – if you are already on the Freshdesk Garden plan, you and your team can start playing already. We decided to have an early round of Christmas presents for all existing Freshdesk customers by bringing the Arcade right inside your Garden plan.

For all the current Freshdesk customers on the Sprout or Blossom plan, if you would like to gamify your team with the Freshdesk Arcade as well, just upgrade to the Garden plan (instead of the Estate) before October 15, and we will extend the Arcade offer to you as well.

That’s definitely way better than Nerf guns!

Here’s a tour of our new Freshdesk Gamification –


Gamification Tour from Freshdesk Inc.