How To Choose An Online Helpdesk [Whitepaper]

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As anyone who’s ever been on support knows, tools maketh the rep. Want your reps to be as incredible, engaging and helpful as Captain Mike or Thor? Then, you need to make sure that they have access to any and all information they might need at any given point of time, day in or out.

This is fairly easy to do when you’re just three guys and an inbox. You can just open up everything you use in Chrome as multiple tabs and voila! everything you need to deliver exceptional contextual support is just a tab switch away. Easy peasy.

The problem begins only when you start supporting your customers on different channels. Add the complexity of using a unique tool for each channel along to the fact that your rep will need access to all your customer data (which is probably spread across a gazillion tools) and the whole thing shapes up into a Herculean Labour. Now, if only your problem could also be solved by a re-routed river…

But fret not! The solution to all your problems is actually dazzlingly simple. You need a tool that helps you manage customer conversations over any and all channels they prefer you be available on. A tool that allows you to pull (and push) relevant customer data from any and every tool that your team uses to better their experience. You need…a helpdesk.

Now, your biggest problem is just choosing the right software. There are so many players in this space, so many different tools with different feature sets that just picking one is easier said than done. What do you choose? How do you choose? What features are necessary? Do you need self-service? What if you have a distributed team? Is a change management database necessary? What’s the right price?

Helpdesk chicken comic

If only it were that easy…

Lucky for you, we have just the right thing! A whitepaper that not only helps you navigate the fraught-with-danger route of deciding what exactly you need but also helps you figure out exactly which features you need.

In this whitepaper, we’ve answered some important questions like

  • What is a support software and why you need just one tool to rule them all?
  • What is the difference between an ITSM software and a customer support software and when do I need either?
  • How does an on-premise software compare to a SaaS?
  • How do I go about putting together a feature list? and many more!

Ready to dive in? Download your free copy today.

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