5 tips to get your helpdesk ready for Thanksgiving weekend!

This week kicks off the season most people look forward to all year long. November brings on Thanksgiving and that means awesome discounts, gifts wrapped in shiny paper, and midnight caffeine-induced queues outside our favorite gadget stores.

But there’s a small bunch of us at the other side of the counter to whom the “season” also means more queries, support tickets, returns, and more queries. And that means a huge pileup of support tickets between Thanksgiving when the buying begins, and the week after Christmas, when the wrappings come out.

Wait a minute – add to it the agony of having half your team away, and generally trying to run your extra-loaded support with fewer hands on deck and you start wishing you were the Thanksgiving turkey instead.

So how can you prep yourself up and make the best of the holiday cheer? And how can you give yourself the support experience they expect and still come out of the season not looking like a turkey? Here’s our Thanksgiving checklist to keep your support in full swing from Black Friday all the way till you go jingle-all-the-way.

1. Get those part-timers on support

It’s time to get those occasional agents out and ready on the helpdesk. Some stress tests and hands-on training won’t hurt either, so they can hit the ground running. And get some Day Passes ahead of time for your extra agents.

2. Dust those FAQs and solutions

Gather information about all the deals, anticipate customer queries and get your sharpshooters in place. This ensures that when the going gets tough, your shooters are already locked and loaded and have the target in their sights.

3. Put out a social media high alert!

Get all hands-on-board on Social Media. This is where the traffic will explode and you need all the help you can get. Every mention and question will drive customer sentiment. You need a tool to make sure you don’t miss anything.

4. Have a central control station

Put someone (or yourself) at the end of the hierarchy. Be ready for random questions, and be ready to make split-second decisions under pressure. Let people know where the decisions are coming from, so people know where to go if there’s a crisis.

5. Put out all the information that you have, and might need

Let the whole support team know what’s going on. Write all the key things on a whiteboard in the war room, for example. Time will be the most precious commodity this weekend. Make sure you automate as much as you can so you are free to take care of ‘real’ customer service.

And if you are in panic mode and want to set up a helpdesk just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, you can sign up here for the most intuitive and user-friendly helpdesk on the market.