Helpdesk Automation

Run your Helpdesk on Auto-pilot

Just support. Let your systems work for you.

Automate all your housekeeping so you can focus on just smiles

You have your super elite team of agents all trained and ready to give your customers their best support experience ever. Your agents put on their headsets and log in to your helpdesk, all ready to stun your customers! Oh wait, they first need to run through all the tickets you have received, categorize them right, set the priorities and have them assigned to the right person for the job. What a drain!

Remember all those things you need to do in your helpdesk but do not enjoy? Freshdesk lets you automate them all. Like filing incoming tickets into the right queue, and following up on customers. Or looking out for you and triggering alerts. Or even saving you the hours you spend composing replies.

Automate Ticket Categorization, Prioritization and Dispatch

The Dispatch’r is your smart helpdesk coordinator, built into Freshdesk. With the Dispatch’r, every incoming ticket gets automatically categorized and prioritized and even assigned to the right agent or support group within your team automatically. That means you can choose to have specific tickets automatically routed to the right agents or support groups within your team before your agents even log in!

The Dispatch'r is the cool robot of the house, check it out

Follow up, supervise and avoid frustrations

Every morning, when your support reps come into work, they need to spend at least a few hours to run through conversations from the day before, send out reminders to customers when they need additional information from them, or close tickets that have been resolved for a while. The Supervisor is like your little Boy Scout running around your helpdesk, and makes sure everything is smooth and perfect. The Supervisor runs once every hour, looking for tickets with matching conditions. That means you can set the Supervisor to send out notifications, manage ticket statuses, and even proactively prevent customer frustrations.

The Supervisor is always going around making sure everything is as it should be

Let your support watch your back even as you sleep

There are times when you can stay up and keep track of every little thing that goes on in your helpdesk. But that's almost not ever --- most of the time, you don't even have time for a coffee break, let alone the time to check to see if a customer who raised a ticket three days has gotten back to you with feedback. That's where the Observer kicks in. The Observer keeps a watch out for you round the clock, on everything happening on your helpdesk, and makes sure things are as tidy as you'd like.

Make your helpdesk work for you, with the Observer

Stop wasting time composing replies

There's no bigger drain on your agents' productivity than forcing them to type the same replies over and over again. With pre-formatted replies and Canned Responses in Freshdesk, the right answer is just a click away. And since you can add placeholders for dynamic content in your canned responses, each reply is already customized for that ticket.

Check out Canned Responses right away!

Why Search when you get Suggests

When faced with a toughie on a ticket, it makes sense for you to search through your knowledge base and identify solutions to similar issues. But in the world of “Google Suggest”, why stop with just search? Freshdesk gives you “smart suggestions” of possible solutions right next to the ticket. 

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