Get important updates in real time

See smart notifications for new tickets, customer responses and more right within your helpdesk. Quickly open them from the notification center and start working on them right away.

Choose the notifications you see

Keep an eye on the notifications that really matter by choosing exactly what you want to be notified for. You can mute the rest so you’re not inundated with updates.

Manage your tickets from email

Get notified even outside your helpdesk with email notifications. Reply to tickets right there and stay on top of high priority issues efficiently.

Get more out of your notifications

Keep your customers in the loop

Configure auto-responders in email notifications to update your customers when you receive their ticket.

Enable notifications on your desktop

Get alerts about important activity even when you’re working on other tabs or windows.

Stay updated on the go

Enable notifications on the Freshdesk mobile app so you don’t miss updates while you’re away.