Assign and prioritize tickets effortlessly

Create workflows based on keywords and ticket properties to automatically assign and escalate tickets to the right agents or groups based on impact and urgency.

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Manage the workload automatically

Automate the assignment of tickets to agents in a group using smart techniques to make sure that the workload is distributed optimally. Consequently, every agent will have a balanced queue, and in addition, Freshdesk can automatically adjust the number when someone is taking a break. You can also set up assignment rules based on the expertise of your agents.

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Respond faster to critical events

Define trigger-based automations for events that require immediate reactions and for tasks like sending out alerts or modifying priorities in real time.

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Simplify manual effort

Canned responses

Ensure quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating and using pre-formatted responses.


Execute multiple actions and trigger series of tasks with a single click using scenarios.

Ticket templates

Have ticket information like subject, description and ticket properties filled automatically to create tickets and send emails faster.