Manage unique workflows efficiently

Bring in workflows specific to your support process by identifying unique stages for tickets and setting custom statuses for each stage

manage unique workflows with custom statuses 2x

Decide when the SLA timers kick in

Turn off SLA timers for custom ticket statuses to describe tickets waiting on third parties or customers for a response

decide when the sla timers kick in 2x

Choose what’s visible to the customer

Control how ticket statuses should be displayed to customers checking on their tickets and to the agents responding to them.

choose what s visible to the customer 2x

More workflow customizations

Helpdesk automations

Set up automations for categorizing, prioritizing and assigning tickets automatically to save time on repetitive tasks.

Advanced SLAs

Frame different SLA policies for different customer groups, ticket sources and departments to set suitable standards for service for each.

Helpdesk reports

Use personalized dashboards and detailed reports to identify actionable insights and bottlenecks in your customer support process.