Help desk software for hospitals

In hospitals and healthcare, it’s important that patient queries are proactively answered and given appropriate solutions. The queries should reach the right experts quickly, and support must be available 24/7. A help desk will help healthcare institutions provide the timely service to patients that the nature of the industry requires.

How can Freshdesk help?

Answer customer queries proactively and be there for them round the clock using Freshdesk. Automatically categorize and prioritize tickets, and match them to the agents with relevant skillsets using Skill Based Assignment.

Help your customers help themselves

Serve customers through self-service portals which provide access to information such as FAQs, symptoms and general counseling through a powerful knowledge base.

Support patients and their families

Offer powerful community forums, which allow patients and families to discuss problems and even share ideas and suggestions with the rest of the community.

Help patients better with a free help desk

With Freshdesk, you will benefit from the features of a help desk that is perfect for healthcare. You’ll get enterprise-class functionality at price points that are affordable. Use automations and intelligent workflows to automate routine tasks and streamline patient care and direct your resources towards the betterment of medical care.