A Report sums a Thousand Meetings

Get the right metrics, when you need them

Your Boss needs hard numbers. She asks you abstract questions about how customer support is doing during the weekly meetings, coffee breaks, every time you meet near the water cooler... Pretty much all the time, really. But of course you don't have the right metrics ready. After all, you're here to support customers. Not poke through spread sheets and create charts. 

That's exactly why you'll love pulling out stunning reports in Freshdesk, along with pointers to the insights you should be deriving from them. 

Everything you need At a Glance

Sometimes, supporting customers can seem like drowning in quicksand. The more you try to wade through your backlog of tickets, the more issues seem to pile up. Sometimes you just need to stop, take a few steps back and understand what's happening in your helpdesk overall. The At-a-Glance Reports in Freshdesk let you quickly catch the pulse of your entire helpdesk, or just a customer, agent or group of agents.

Identify your best players

Knowing your best and worst players helps you create the right benchmarks for the whole team. Freshdesk lets you pull out Top-N reports to identify the top customers, agents and groups for each metric that you care about. In fact, you can even compare your support agents and your customers head-to-head to check out how they perform against each other on key metrics. 

Get your agents out of the support slump, boost their productivity 

Gear up your support to boost satisfaction

The point of your entire customer support fabric is to win the love of your customers. So what good can your helpdesk software be if it does not let you pull out reports on who your happy customers are, and what makes your dissatisfied customers unhappy? Freshdesk lets you track and report on customer satisfaction, and even identify your happiest and most unsatisfied customers from the helpdesk, agent or group level. Just even better - with smart Load Analysis and Helpdesk Performance reports, you get to jump right into the toughest problem areas and drive satisfaction even higher.

Know how your support is faring, send out satisfaction surveys at the right time

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