Identify delays in your ticket cycle

Know if your agents are resolving customer issues on time and whether your customers find the answers useful. Diagnose helpdesk delays by comparing different properties and metrics.

Track  indiviual and the overall team work load

Manage agent and group workload

Observe ticket flow and trends to understand the support volume your team faces in different shifts. Optimize performance by making better decisions on staffing and work distribution.

Direct critical questions to your helpdesk

Get all the reports you need by simply asking your helpdesk. Use the Answers feature and have your helpdesk fetch the reports you need instead of looking for ways to generate them manually.

Ask questions on reporting for quick answers

Measure customer sentiment

Analyse how customers feel about your support using detailed reports on key metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings or SLA violations to make informed decisions.

Track customer satisfaction

Make the most of your reports

Choose what you see

Drill down on specific problems faster by organizing your data using different kinds of filters.

Schedule your reports

Get your most important reports delivered regularly to your inbox using scheduled reports.

Create your own analysis

Dig deeper into complex metrics and identify patterns by exporting your raw ticket data.