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The perks of a Freshdesk powered knowledge base

A knowledge base is the first thing on every support rep’s checklist. It’s omnipresent and almost all helpdesks have it (well at least, the good ones do). So it is natural to take it for granted - except that the devil is in the details. All it takes is a single search that pulled up wrong results, or a small typo and your customer is stuck with an unpleasant experience.

That is why we poured attention and care into building this feature, so that it can work for you in ways you thought weren’t possible. Right from finding out what your customers are searching for till optimizing your articles for search engines, Freshdesk has all tools you need to build an integrated knowledge base that works out of the box.

Here are some reasons why you should let yours be powered by Freshdesk:

1. Create rich Knowledge Base articles on the fly

If you are like most support teams, you do not have the luxury of having dedicated people whose only job is to create knowledge base articles. And your most experienced reps, who hold all the knowledge in their heads, are super busy working on solving customer problems and do not have time to create knowledge base articles. We understand this and came up with a simple, yet effective solution - Email to KBase.

With Freshdesk, whenever your support team is sending a detailed reply to a customer, if they feel that it can be converted into a KBase article, they can simply BCC the reply to a unique kbase email address. Freshdesk will automatically create an article on the fly and save it in the drafts folder where you can edit, review and publish it later.

Learn more about the email to knowledge base feature

2. Make your Knowledge Base articles findable by Google

Your customers can find answers to their problems if they come to your support portal and search your knowledge base. But in today’s world everybody takes their questions to Google and that’s where they should find your articles. Freshdesk gives you an easy way to add meta information to your articles and to optimize them for search engines. So when your customers go searching for you on the internet, they get their answers right away.

Automate every repetitive task, focus on what matters the most

3. Know what articles you should be writing

The key to running a great knowledge base lies in making sure you have everything your users need, and keeping things up to date. Freshdesk integrates with Google Analytics out-of-the-box and helps you get insights on what your customers are searching for and you can focus on writing those articles first.

What else can you do with Google analytics integration?

4. Different content for agents and customers

Freshdesk comes with powerful access control capabilities that let you decide who gets to see what in your knowledge base. For example, you could create separate sections of the knowledge base that are accessible only to some of your customers or create private documentation for your agents with in-depth technical information. If you support multiple products you can also create product specific knowledge bases.

Managing multiple products? Support them from a single place

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