Create, collaborate, and promote your content with ease

 Create, collaborate, and promote your content with ease

Source content from your team

Convert agent responses to solution articles with only a few clicks.

Publish easily consumable content

Provide solutions in the form of videos, images or attached files to help your customer in the best way possible.

Create for maximum visibility

With our SEO friendly capabilities, your answers will show up at the top of the search results quickly.

Create for a global audience

Create articles in multiple languages and keep your translations up to date for your global customer base

Monitor and manage your content efficiently

Monitor and manage your content efficiently

Get from point A to B faster

All new two-pane view to access relevant categories, folders, and articles with fewer clicks.

Manage multi-product content

Manage multi-product content in one place and drill down to the relevant articles without getting lost in the clutter

Save time with bulk actions

Avoid repetitive actions by making changes to multiple categories, folders, or articles at a time

Analyze and improve faster

Track the performance of each article and improve your content quality based on direct customer feedback

Recent updates

Article versioning

Track how your content has evolved and restore the best version at any time

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Approval workflow

Review content within the knowledge base and get instant updates about the article status

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How can a Knowledge Base help my business?

Reduce the questions coming in

With answers available upfront via a help desk knowledge base, your customers will solve problems themselves reducing the number of tickets you have to answer.

Increase Agent Efficiency

The best knowledge-base is comprehensive enough to handle all the easy repetitive questions so your agents can focus more on solving the tough problems.

Shorten customer wait times

Instead of waiting for an agent's answer, a good self-service portal ensures customers are deflected to the right solutions when they ask a question.